Taking Jeju air to Seoul, one hour journey for less than 30000won per person.

Trying Jeju Black Pig the second time. The pork here is cheaper, but softer as compared to Korea Black Pig. The pork belly is made up of 60% fat, but the waitress will help you with the cooking. I guess this place is popular because it's cheap (15000won for 250g of marinated pork), with a free kimchi seafood toufu soup (and free coffee too). Taste wise is acceptable.

The bus terminal whenever you want to get out of Jeju City.

This is quite a big place filled with beautiful tall silver grass (pampass), walking towards a crater. Scenic, beautiful and a lovely walk.

Having a burger lunch near Ilchulbong Peak.

This is probably the most popular place with tourist, hiking up a crater by the sea. The experience is good with some nice views.

This seafood shop is extremely popular among tourists from different countries. If you reach by 7.30pm, there is a 40 minutes waiting time on weekday and the shop closed by 9.30pm. They have waiting chairs outside.

The seafood pot is 50000won for 2 person, where they serve a big octopus, 2 abalones and other shell-based seafood. The pot is really huge, and luckily the waitress will help with the cooking and cutting. I could see the octopus still moving (even though the head are chop off, and abalones are moving too). The add a pack of ramen for you halfway through your meal.

I guess there are too many shell-based seafood in the pot, so the texture and taste feels kind of similar. It would be nicer if you could throw in some fish and prawn instead. It's a new experience, but taste satisfactory is just okay.

We didn't climb up the peak, just visit and pray at the temple.

A shop selling bunny ice-cream, just for fun.

Supposed to see a very beautiful and big cliff up close here, but sadly the walkway is closed due to high waves warning (even though the weather is sunny).

Next to Ossuloc Museum is Innisfree, equally beautiful and relaxing place, just next to a tea farm.

A very beautiful and relaxing environment. Buy a greentea ice-cream and sit at the outdoor swivel chair, perfect!

Rotiboy opens at 8am, offering buns from 2000won each. I grab some takeaways bun as breakfast while waiting for my bus to Ossuloc Museum.

Trying the Street food (there are less than 10 stalls).

My favourite is the fried stuff stall, where we tried a stick of variety stuff and crab shell with creamy fillings. Jeju orange drink (shave ice) is available for 3000won, it is okay. The Korean rice cake stall is more chaotic and crowded, but they do speak Chinese and English. Make sure you queue from the right side and make your orders (state eat here or take away, number of people, rice cake or variety of fried stuff; I think they have sushi and fried dumplings as well). They will seat you once space is available.

After hiking up Hallasan through Sangpanak, we hike down using Gwaneumsa trail. It's beautiful and different from Sangpanak, so it's worth to try this route going down. The infrastructure of this trail is less developed as compared to Sangpanak.

After coming down, take Buss 77 to reach the main road. After which, you need to switch buses to Jeju city or other places (Check Google Map for public transport navigation, the route and bus number is very accurate, but the timing is not.

Hiking up Hallasan via Seongpanak trail, absolutely beautiful, one of the most amazing trail I had been to. The peak is a volcano crater turned into a lake.

Took the 6.20am bus 781 from the terminal and reach Seongpanak in 30 minutes. This trail is popular, with many people hiking on a Monday morning with good support infrastructure. You can arrive earlier and have breakfast here. The journey to the peak is about 5h, and you could come down via another trail.

There is a shelter near the peak with toilet and sell hot coffee for 500won, amazing!

The meat of Jeju black pig is slightly tougher are more chewy, as tasted pretty good (feels premium). Sadly the bbq is self-serviced, so you need to cook your pork properly.

36000won for 2 sets of black pork meat, 6000won for Kimchi pork soup and 4000won for beer.

Shops around New Jeju City (Shinjeju).

The bread here is pretty good, and the cafe seating looks cozy as well.

Restaurants on the way to Cafe Monsant.

Sadly the seafood ramen shop is not open during our visit on Saturday 5pm.

Passing by this cafe on the way to Monsant, it looks pretty cozy with a seaview.

Took a 30 minutes bus ride from Jeju City to this famous cafe. It's crowded on a weekend with tourists and locals. The environment is modern (but noisy) with a great view of the sea. The drinks are alright (10000won for premium jeju golden orange juice is a bit too much), but the greentea chocolate cake is really rich and nice. They serve simple western dishes like pizza, sandwich and fries.

A cafe selling a variety of snacks and light food, run by a Chinese. It's more for convenience rather than taste.

We got a deluxe room which is fairly spacious and nice, with a bathtub. It is situated in Shinjeju (New Jeju City), walking distance to many eateries and shopping.

The lobby looks kind of like a motel lobby, but the room is much nicer like a 4-star hotel.