Sis like this place a lot. Food is pretty good with big portion.

Taste pretty good, and big portion.

Taste and variety is pretty good, but with the thirsty feelings after meal.

Bought a chocolate cake for RM12+, pretty alright.

Food is alright, but nothing really stand out.

Pretty cozy shopping mall in Bangsar South.

This dim sum place in Bangsar South is pretty popular on weekends. Price is higher, but quality and taste wise is pretty good.

Interesting selection of handmade pasta.

A pretty small and rustic place. Cake and coffee are good though.

Seems like a popular cafe on Google, the place is fairly empty for Saturday brunch. Many food and cakes are not available, including poach egg 😥 Nevertheless, the food is pretty good and a quiet environment.

Famous for pork lard rice, and hand made coffee. Though fairly limited option, the food does taste good.

The food is okay, but the cake and pie is better.

We order a mixed fish and curry soup base. The ingredients and soup are pretty good, but the curry soup base is just too thick for consumption. Price is pretty expensive as well.

Quite a comfy Korean cafe. The bread is not bad, but quite expensive as well.

The menu looked pretty stunning, but the delivery is lesser so. The food is still pretty good.

A very quiet cafe, but toufufa cheesecake and cendol mousse is pretty unique.

Pretty crowded Vegetarian restaurant on a weekend night.

Pretty good Chinese restaurant at Connaught, Cheras. Food was pretty slow that day because of only one chef on duty.

Still a pretty good cafe with nice food, good service, beautiful environment and easy parking. The downside is probably the noise and crowd.

The replacement of the old Pudu bus station. Ticket purchase is centralised now, so can buy any bus ticket from any counter. Things are much organised as well. It had been more than 10 years since I last took a bus at Pudu.

Second visit here, worth a try occasionally.

Alright cafe for coffee and waffle.

This is one of the few cafe which offer healthy yet good tasting food.

Second time here. The food here is actually pretty good, big portion and tasty. Strange thing is the crowd is not there.