The food is okay, but the cake and pie is better.

We order a mixed fish and curry soup base. The ingredients and soup are pretty good, but the curry soup base is just too thick for consumption. Price is pretty expensive as well.

Quite a comfy Korean cafe. The bread is not bad, but quite expensive as well.

The menu looked pretty stunning, but the delivery is lesser so. The food is still pretty good.

A very quiet cafe, but toufufa cheesecake and cendol mousse is pretty unique.

Pretty crowded Vegetarian restaurant on a weekend night.

Pretty good Chinese restaurant at Connaught, Cheras. Food was pretty slow that day because of only one chef on duty.

Still a pretty good cafe with nice food, good service, beautiful environment and easy parking. The downside is probably the noise and crowd.

The replacement of the old Pudu bus station. Ticket purchase is centralised now, so can buy any bus ticket from any counter. Things are much organised as well. It had been more than 10 years since I last took a bus at Pudu.

Second visit here, worth a try occasionally.

Alright cafe for coffee and waffle.

This is one of the few cafe which offer healthy yet good tasting food.

Second time here. The food here is actually pretty good, big portion and tasty. Strange thing is the crowd is not there.

I think this is probably one of the best dry ramen in town.

Today is not or lucky day as service is very very slow. I would say the food is alright (though limited choices).

Nice deco and atmosphere, white with Japanese minimalist style. Food is fairly limited with more focus on dessert, but I do enjoy the soufflé. Soft, not too sweet and goes well with the maple syrup; the sorbet is really small though.

I am a fan of Indian spice gravy with chapati or naan, and this place got it right. Surprisingly other table other their sizzling plate and nasi lemak as well, need to try those next time.

Super crowded affordable Western food place, with Chinese dishes as well.

Though this place is pretty quiet on a Sunday evening, but the food is actually pretty good.

Smoked Drump might seems bland with any sauce, but it is nicely marinated and crispy, a pretty tasty drumbstick I would say.

Creamy egg pasta is very tasty as well, with some curry flavor.

Almond brownie dessert is alright.

Another plus side is the environment is cozy and quiet 😁

Too full to try their main dishes, so sample some dessert.

Pancake with maple syrup is not bad.

I think the highlight of this place should be the main dishes.

Pavilion Christmas decorations, pretty impressive.

Pretty good noodle place, I like it, though business is not brisk on Friday night.

Challenging trail from Cheras Ah Pak San to Ampang Lookout Point. First time so many casualties among my hiking mates, probably not going to try again.