A nice waterfall to explore. Just 5 minutes walk from the entrance, with a pair of Kumamoto bear.

Dinner at our Ryokan Yamanoyu. It's nice.

Breakfast at Yamanoyou. Pretty good.

A little small hidden onsen town with very narrow road. It is pretty charming.

A nice and comfortable onsen in Kurokawa.

A good viewpoint of the Aso Caldera.

Fantastic viewpoint, better than the nearby Daikanbo 大观峰.

Pretty good beef don or burger with a fantastic view of the Aso Caldera.

Slightly late for a full autumn, but this still still a very beautiful forest park for a 2 hours walk along river stream with a few waterfall.

The pastry and cakes sold here is very good with reasonable pricing. There is only 1 table for in house seating, and opens at 9am.

Fairly easy 1 hour hike from Kusasenri to have a pretty good view of Mount Aso Nakadake Crater spitting out poisonous gas. The surrounding views are pretty marvelous as well.

This is very clean and modern backpacker hostel.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty good, and it's fairly hidden. I think this is BBQ wild chicken, so the meat might be tougher.

A temple in the middle of the forest with a musical vibe. There is a mountain arc at the top.

We get up close to the crater to view loads of poisonous gas spitting out from the crater, and occasionally you can view the blue color water at the bottom of the crater.

The crater is pretty sensitive, as you might have to wait until the gas level is low enough to have a safe viewing near the edge of the crater.

The walking path around the crater is off limit during my visit.

Kusasenri is a very expensive parking area with toilet, restaurant and shopping, and starting trail to two nearby mountains.

A simple bread and toast with coffee breakfast, pretty good and not expensive as well.