A pretty lake area, hike up a small hill early morning to catch the sunrise.


This hotel near the lake is decent and popular.



Our hostel in Lasa, it's pretty decent, comfy and popular.


This is a pretty big and modern city, as I have unrealistic expectation of the city being more ancient with an air of mystery and nature.


This is an important temple of the Tibetan Gelu sect and very famous. The interior is pretty cramp given the size and crowd.

It's worthwhile to visit if you hire a guide and interested with the history, and photography of the interior and statues are not allowed.


This is a famous shopping street surrounding the DaZhaoShi temple.


The Tibetan kitchen is probably overpriced and the food isn't good. The interior is pretty nice though.


Having a local breakfast at KFC at 9am. Porridge, soy bean and fried fritter.

Business hour: 09:00 - 23:00


Potala is quite an amazing building and definitely a must visit. The exterior looks very good, and you could took photo of it without paying for entrance fee.

The interior is pretty cramp and gloomy like a temple, with golden pagoda of previous Dalai llama and statues of gods. Again, a tour guide is recommended to get a meaningful grasp of the history and types of statues.



Slightly pricier, food quality are below average. Coffee is acceptable, and cheese pizza is good. Pasta and sandwich are not good.


A smaller temple where you can watch monks perform a ritual of debating about Buddha's teachings.


Reasonable tea, worth a try.


We crave for a Cantonese meal in Tibet. The soup and vegetables is pretty good, but glazed pork (Char Siew) is a big disappointment.

Night view of Potala and the musical fountain, probably the best night event at the city.


It's temples in a high garden compound.


Back at the youth hotel in Lahsa, this time we get a better quality double room. Seems like a lot of people speak Cantonese here.


A very affordable places with reasonable quality food.


Waiting for our 30+ hour train from Lahsa to Xian.


Finally on board the 30+ hours train from Lahsa to Xian. Scenery are the most amazing along KeKeXiLi where elevation is above 4000m. I always like sleepers on train, where the hard berth (6 person per unit) is always the most warming with plenty of opportunity to chit chat with the locals.

Met with 4 retired lady from ZheJiang who enjoy traveling together. They even rent a small plot of land for leisure farming.

The scenery gets boring as we gets nearer to XiNing. We need to switch train at XiNing towards Xian.