A hidden AirBnB next to famous hotspring. The house is pretty big with an in-house Japanese style BBQ pit and kitchen. My only qualm is the house is not warm enough for late autumn.

We bought some Miyazaki beef from the local supermarket for BBQ.

This is a really good seafood restaurant, I would say great value for money. I ordered a 5000 yen meal which is overkill, comes with Sashimi, fish, lobster, really big prawn and quite a number of side dishes. My wife's 3000 set comes with 3 really big prawns, fish soups and a few side dishes.

Spending 2000-3000 yen per person should be adequate, unless you plan splurge on more items or try the expensive blowfish. I spend almost 2 hours eating here, trying to finish our food.

Speciality is rabbit and sea, and temple in a cave. Quite a distance from Miyazaki City.

A beautiful cape on a good weather day.

The special thing about this shrine is there is a shrine in a open cave, and it looks gorgeous when the sun shine in.

The shrine is having a festival with pop-up stalls. And there is a performance as well.

The bbq beef here is really really nice, very juicy. We spend about 5000 yen for two person (small portion of meat). I think it is worthwhile to spend 5000 yen person for a bigger portion.

The bakery is reasonably nice for a small town.

This is a pretty small place, with the main attraction is the section of the gorge with waterfall. The place for boating is narrow and limited, and walking trail is pretty short.

A shrine with some really big trees.

Decent and affordable udon.

A convenient hotel near to Takachiho Gorge and Shrine, and our room has a nice view. Free coffee and tea are available.