A pretty good kampung style vacation home, with 5 rooms and a huge kitchen, small pool, outdoor BBQ area and fishing pond. Perfect for gathering.

Pretty good curry bun and seafood pot. My mother in law love it.

Cafe in Senawang, Seremban. Not bad.

The most sinful and best curry laksa in Malaysia.

A comfy and enjoyable house, as always. Laze around, go swimming and cook some dinner, perfect place to recharge energy. One night might seems too short.

I like the dry version better, but it's not my type of noodle.

I like it, porridge is nice, chicken is okay; though my other makan friends claim nothing special.


The house is spacious with a huge veranda, comfy living room with TV (wifi as well) and 4 private double rooms. Sadly the pool is not ready during our visit, and the jacuzzi is not working.