Bye bye NZ. Nice selection of food at the Airport after immigration.

Great food is served here. NZ Flounder is excellent, the mussel is good and passion fruit cheese cake is nice. The mussel in soup with seafood looks better though.


Found a secret hideout in a library.


A pretty nice suburban area to walk around, more interesting than Auckland CBD.


Saturday morning market. Don't expect a French market, some of the food here pretty nice. Bacon Brothers, Mussel Fritters and Humous in Pita are good. They sell some nice bread and cheese as well, didn't try those though.

  • Coffee, Fruit Juice
  • Bacon Brothers
  • Mussel Fritters
  • Humous in Pita
  • Takoyaki
  • Bread, Sandwich, etc.
  • Cheese
  • Salmon
  • Honey
  • Vegetables, Meat, etc.

A square, nothing much to do here unless an event is going on.

The city center of Auckland.

Arriving late in Auckland, luckily some hardworking Korean still serve us some spicy pork, pretty good actually.

Alright hotel, room seems slightly old. Location is pretty alright, 20 minutes walk along Queen Street to the Ferry Terminal.

30 minutes bus to city, $34 for returns.

Stunning clouds and sunset on the plane from Christchurch to Auckland. Cheese and Wine are served onboard 😁

Late lunch at FlyThru in the airport.

From Arthur's Pass towards Christchurch.

Plenty of ducks in this lake, plus beautiful green tree by the lakeside.

From Arthur's Pass towards Christchurch: coffee stop.

This track short and sweet. There is a river, some bushes and we can see two snow caps thanks to the sunshine which suddenly appear during noon. If you walk slightly further up beyond the avalanche sign, there are plenty of buttercups flowers along the river. Met a couple who track all the way up for another hour and saw a small glacier. This is our last hike for our New Zealand trip.


Alright walk from Arthur's Pass Village to Jack's Hut.

Korean Noodle for breakfast.

Dinner in our fancy Arthur's Pass YHA.

Have less than 2 hours before it gets dark, let's go to the waterfall.

We got upgraded to a luxurious room in a Youth Hostel! Unbelievable.


Yellow flower blooming along the Otira Highway along Otira River near Arthur's Pass.


Found a Kea, supposed to be a kind of Parrot.


Too rocky and under construction, not to mentioned too much cloud.

Lunch, food is alright given the price.

On the way from Franz Josef to Arthur's Pass.