We arrive way pass breakfast time, so the roti canai is not freshly made.

Pretty good breakfast spot, with fish ball noodle, chee cheong fun (with red sauce) and some yong tau foo ingredients.

The food vendor of Taman Gelora setup their stalls around 5pm on Sunday.

A small but nice park in Kuantan where locals come for jogging. There is a small path which connect to the beach, where they are plenty of small crabs along the way.

Pretty good cendol and ais kacang with nasi lemak, curry puff, pulut and other snacks. This place could be pretty crowded.

The most famous tourist attractions in Kuantan. Huge beach (clean) with McD and Starbucks, plenty of Monkey and a walkway to a second beach.

Simple and nice curry mee, not too thick.

The Satay here is VERY good (meaty, juicy, and less fatty part) 😍 I recommend go for the Chicken, Lamb not so good. The gravy is very good too, spicy and crunchy.

The HQ at Jalan Teluk Sisek is closed for renovation, so we came to this lesser known branch in Malay Town.

Coffee and bread are not bad, wantan noodles are average (or not my type).

The many plants of Gunung Buah Bunga.

The forest is flourished with many flowers and plants, very beautiful.

4 small dogs followed us to the peak, they are both annoying and entertaining to watch.

Too many leeches and sand flies in this season.

Decent food with decent pricing at Gohtong Jaya.

Entrance through Gohtong Jaya shop.