Nothing too fancy, but the Macao food here is pretty good. Minchi is a big bowl of rice with pork, vege, fried potato and egg. Parco Balichao Tamarinho is like curry chicken, remember to order the bread. Serradurra dessert is really nice.

A place for Japanese ice and dessert. Pretty nice and unique.

Tried a Chinese restaurant in SS 2, not bad.

Haven't been here for quite a while, still the best thick toast with ice-cream in town.

This vegetarian restaurant at Seksyen 17 is still pretty good.

Decent vegetarian food, especially the fried extra large brinjal with sauce.

More of a cafe for main meals, but pretty alright for tea and snack as well.

Though you get organic vegetables from their garden, the price is pretty premium as well. Taste wise is alright (slight below average), not exactly great.

Chinese fried fritters and stuff, with Chinese Tong Sui. It is alright.

Pretty good Chinese restaurant. Siu yuk here is the best.

The price can go two extreme at this place, affordable or premium. We go for the premium seafood sun tak hotpot, it's alright but probably not value for money.

This is probably the best cafe option at Sunway Geo.

This place is pretty good, especially the sui yuk platter.

The oden probably too pricy as snack, but the ice-cream is nice and affordable.

Still good burger, just can't afford to have them regularly.

This is the place where you get specialty noodle like 炒薯粉 and 炒白粿. The dishes is not bad with reasonable pricing, especially mamite pork. Place is a bit small and hit though.

A simple pastries, pie and cake cafe. Apple pie not bad, brownie a bit too hard.

Second time here, nowadays always have to book ahead with deposit. This time the food is less satisfying than the last visit: the quail seems less marinated and less crispy, chicken meat a bit bland though the stock is nice, and seafood fish is quite nice. House wine at RM55 for 250ml is pretty good. Next time should try the beef steak.

I like dipping the sourdough into the stock, irresistible.

Bread here not bad, especially the big European bread (listed as no 1 best seller).

A pretty nice place for cakes in Kota Damansara. Love the monster cookie with ice-cream, love the cookie with chocolate more than the ice-cream though. Plenty of cake options, worth exploring more.

Previously Nanking (Vegetarian), the food is pretty good.

Mini size lasagna, taste pretty good. Didn't try main meals as we come for dessert, but dessert selection fairly limited.

Plenty of best seller sold out today. I think this place is so so.

I found this place very unique, where the food served is like a 5-star restaurant but with more affordable pricing and without the 5-star environment. So, you should come here just for the food.

Fried French Quail is quite superb.
Lamb and Clams with Ramen and Bread is unconventional but the broth with bread is really out of this world.
Smoke duck is okay, quite big and fat.
We enjoy the pomme puree mash (fancy name for mash potato).
Hummingbird Cake is nice too.

I believed the food is really nice with good value for money.

Map's is replaced by Coffee & Bar. Curry pasta is pretty good, but the fish & chip is just average. My wife likes the gula melaka kopi peng.

Best crepe in town, as always. And good service.

And happy birthday mommy.