Nice and unique western food.

They seems to revamp their menu every 6 months. The honey chicken with kimchi rice is pretty good.

Croissant with butter & lemon curd

Still one of the best western restaurant in Puchong, offering quality food.

The place is getting more popular lately. The pork burger is nice, and their signature coffee mix is good as well.

Porcupine Christmas Lunch, they do have some unique dishes.

Porcupine afternoon snack, not bad.

Drop by Porcupine again, probably one of the better and more unique western restaurant in Puchong.


A new western restaurant at SetiaWalk. The environment is pretty cozy, and some of the dishes seems pretty unique. We order the Scotsman which is coffee with cream, chocolate and whisky, nice.
The run out of pork sausage tortellini, so we have to settle for seafood tagliatelle (2 prawns and a scallop) and quack & oink wrap, which is quite good. The carrot walnut cake is satisfying as well.