A Chinese cafe of guiltily delicious food, shouldn't eat here to often.

I would say it is still good and one of my favorite.

The BBQ is alright, but the side dishes should be improved.




This place offer pretty affordable banana leave rice and vegetarian thali.

This Chee Cheong Fun truck seems pretty popular. Taste wise not bad la.

Pretty alright pork noddle from morning till lunch. At night this place is a dining restaurant.


Another day of beautiful sunset.


Good breakfast spot near Wawasan Trail.

This 24h convenient store seems fairly popular with family and children at night, where they go for ice-cream and imported snacks with plenty of indoor and outdoor seatings available.

Yogurt ice-cream for RM 2.80 is pretty good.

Second time here, good is pretty good.

Nice Indian food. Fairly crowded at 10am on Saturday morning, so service a bit slow.

Mee Rebus with pasta and cheesy bake egg, pretty good. The black coffee is a bit sourish.

The best choice of food here is still the western stall.