More plants of Puchong Hill.

Puchong Hill night view.

The plants of Puchong hill.

Favourite hill for Puchong folks. Nice exercise in a healthy forest with good view.

The mushroom of Puchong Hill.

We have the waterfall area all by ourselves as no one came after the rain.

I am glad that Puchong has a good hiking place, just that parking is pretty crowded on weekend morning.

Puchong Hill is pretty crowded nowadays.

Awesome sunset at Puchong Hill.

You can always get a nice sunset view here.

Doing a round loop to the mini water stream is about 1.5h.

Nowadays Puchong Hill had expanded with many alternative paths, including one which leads to a small stream.

This hiking trail is very popular with the locals on weekend and holiday, 1 hour to do a round trip.