Haven't been here for quite a while. There park is beautiful with many lively activities. Soap bubble toys available for rent.

Pretty crowded with little space. Food is okay.

Not much crowd on weekend before noon.

Very popular vegetarian restaurant, queue starts before 7pm on weekend. Affordable, tasty and quick service.

Nasi lemak here is a guilty trip which cost RM 11.

Black beans noodles soup

Haven been here for quite a while. Lunch set (food, drink and ice-cream) is quite reasonably priced for a cafe, but the duck rice lack sauce.

2 main (Teriyaki Chicken Rice and Fish Mee Hoon) dish have ongoing 15% discount. Taste wise are just okay.

Affordable and tasty Taiwan meals. The 控肉 stewed pork is pretty good.

Strangely, there are less crowd today but the service is slower as well.

Good good and fast service, reasonable pricing.

Fried rice with drumstick is pretty good. The drumstick had very crispy skin.

The coconut cake is a bit hard today. This outlet has expanded to 2 shops.

Haven't come here for quite while due to the crowd (full house by 8.30pm).

Coffee ball and souffle with ice-cream are our favorite, sadly the book collection here had not been updated.

Pretty long wait (about 45m) at 6.15pm at Saturday weekend.

I like the Hakka mee, soup noodle and fish cake.

Always the perfect place for afternoon tea in IOI mall.

Always my favorite wantan mee in Puchong.

Quite a few Good Taste restaurants pop-up around Punchong, offering decent meals with quite some variety.

The nasi lemak is to spicy, taste wise is average.

Price a bit high, taste wise is average.

The soup pan mee is better than the dried version.

This Vietnamese Chee Cheong Fun with inner ingredients is pretty good.

Pretty good clay pot chicken rice, add salted fish for better taste.

Found a new Pan Mee place, soup hand torn Pan Mee is pretty alright.

Hasbuna's popularity seems to have dwindled, and the quality of the satay stall outside had gone down to below average.

Siu Mai with bun is pretty good, but the lemongrass bullfrog is lacking.