Good wholesome noodles and fish cake.

Nasi lemak here is a guilty trip which cost RM 11.

Black beans noodles soup

I like the Hakka mee, soup noodle and fish cake.

The soup pan mee is better than the dried version.

Found a new Pan Mee place, soup hand torn Pan Mee is pretty alright.

The selection of stalls change hand pretty frequently, and not all of them are opened at night.

Hakka noodle and fish cake here is pretty good.

Good noodle and fish cake.

There might not be a lot of fishball or fishcake, but the noodle is pretty good.

Came here to try the reknowed Wantan mee (but just realize 伟记云吞面 has moved down the street to everyday food court). The noodle is fairly thin, but I think the highlight is the char siew, which is pretty good.

The food stall changes hand quite frequently here. Generally plenty of varieties, tables and crowd.

Found a new Hakka noodles and fishball place, it is pretty good.

Salted egg fried rice comes with a huge portion, curry ikan pari pretty okay as well.

Wild boar curry nasi lemak not bad, FKT okay. Brinjal with garlic could be better and cheaper.

Puchong everyday food court is reborned. I believe there are 30-40 stalls here with a few interesting options. Looking forward to explore more.

Still one of my favorite Nyonya nasi lemak place.

The nasi kandar here is definitely a guilty pleasure, but not cheap as well.

I like the Mee Rebus, popiah first time try nor bad.

Finally tasted the famous kok siong nasi kandar, very good. The chee cheong fun here is not good.

My portion of nasi lemak cost RM11 nowadays.

I always have problem picking which stall to go to, nasi lemak kukus is not bad.

Still a Puchong favourite.

Pork Noodle

Food is cheap, taste alright, service is a bit slow during holidays.

#Vegetarian noodle here is not bad, the stall have daily specialty as well.

Vegetarian Noodle

Still served the best nyonya nasi lemak in town.

Plenty of variety, decent food.

I think the Mee Rebus is getting better.

Mee Rebus

Ming Ren, still the best place for nasi lemak in Puchong.

Nasi lemak

One of my favourite breakfast place in Puchong, great Nyonya nasi lemak, mee rebus is okay as well.

Nyonya Nasi Lemak