Very beautiful campsite on a very beautiful day. Definitely should camp here if I am on a campervan.


Stop for snack from Queenstown to Franz Josef near Wanaka Lake.

Finally have time to sit by this river stream to relax, enjoy our gelato and feed the ducks.

Gelato not bad: Salted caramel and grapefruit.

Pretty good breakfast at Vudu: French toast pudding and Salmon with pumpkin.

An awesome lonely guitarist in Queenstown.

Fergburger again: the lamb and fish burger is not bad, but I guess the best is still their signature beef burger with bacon. Onion ring also not bad, rum raisin milkshake not very good.

Lamb Burger

We got a private room in a house with 2 other rooms, 1 shared bathroom with kitchen and living area. Less people than a normal hostel.

Next to Fergburger, pork belly pie and bacon scone are good.

在非常出名的Fergburger傍边,Pork Belly Pie和Bacon Scone都不错。

Queue is usually 30-40 minutes. The beef burger is really good, with bacon strip. Hoki Poki Milkshake is very good as well, Calamari not bad as well.

Queenstown最长龙的Fergburger,大概要等30-40分钟。牛肉加Bacon的汉堡很好吃,价钱也很划算。Hoki Poki Milkshake 也很好喝,Calamari 也不错。

A town full of tourists and activities.


A nice view of Queenstown lake and surrounding mountains in less than 3h.

徒步不到三小时,一览Queenstown 的湖畔与周边的山丘。

Very big and beautiful park, only if the weather is warmer than we could stay longer and explore more.


This lamb is too awesome, definitely must try. $45 for lamb leg and potato to take away, good for two.


This pod hostel is pretty awesome, you can have a double bed in a single pod, where each room has about 4 pods with its own mini kitchen, living room and balcony. You can have the best of budget pricing and privacy.

太棒的Pod Hostel,一个Pod可是一个双人床。一间房可容下四个Pod,有一个迷你厨房,小客厅和阳台。在Hostel界中,这算非常创新又合预算有限有希望有私人空间的旅客。

About 30 minutes from the riverside park to the top, offering a good view of Arrow Town.

从Arrow Town河边公园出发,30分钟就可看到Arrow Town全景。

A small park next Arrow Town center with a river flowing through. You can do a full loop in about 90 minutes, and there are various tracks up the hill as well.

Arrow Town 傍边的一个河边小公园,有个90分钟的步道,也有其他上山的步道。

The outlook feels like a cowboy town, with quite a few eating options. There is a nice park next to it with some walking options, and the houses in the surrounding neighborhood is pretty good looking.


Final self-made breakfast at Highcroft Wanaka.


Cranberry pizza is pretty good, generous portion of ingredients.

This is an amazing track due to the season, still some snow near the peak but not too much, mixing up with the bushes to create an illusion of poka dots mountain. Absolutely gorgeous.


Burrito not bad, better if the pulled pork is warm.

Besides taking a photo of the Wanaka tree, remember to explore the lakeside walk which is pretty scenic.


Park here to walk along Glendhu Bay.

Having lunch at Rocky Mountain, Diamond Lake.

Absolutely stunning view with just a 3 hour returns journey, every corner is a great view.