Banh Mi breakfast with a view is the best.

Banh Mi breakfast with a few, a bit too perfect. The bread is crispy and soft, love them.

Nice clean bamboo room, pretty comfy.

The best thing about Quoc Khanh Bamboo Homestay is the view. It probably one of the best hotel view in Trang An, fronting a small flowing pond, green field and the hills. Most of the time you could see the reflection of the hills in the water. I could imagine sitting here for the entire day watching this scenery.

The staff are friendly and helpful, offering many transportation arrangements at affordable prices. Good quality mountain bikes are available for rent at 60,000VND per day. Motorbikes are available as well.

Food is not great though, but the Bahn Mi with egg breakfast is nice and crispy.

The only drawback is the inconsistent hot water and cold air sipping through the bamboo wall.