Nice selection of food and cakes, and coffee.

Besides being good for desserts, dinner options are pretty good as well, and of course awesome service.

This vegetarian restaurant at Seksyen 17 is still pretty good.

A simple pastries, pie and cake cafe. Apple pie not bad, brownie a bit too hard.

Second time here, nowadays always have to book ahead with deposit. This time the food is less satisfying than the last visit: the quail seems less marinated and less crispy, chicken meat a bit bland though the stock is nice, and seafood fish is quite nice. House wine at RM55 for 250ml is pretty good. Next time should try the beef steak.

I like dipping the sourdough into the stock, irresistible.

I found this place very unique, where the food served is like a 5-star restaurant but with more affordable pricing and without the 5-star environment. So, you should come here just for the food.

Fried French Quail is quite superb.
Lamb and Clams with Ramen and Bread is unconventional but the broth with bread is really out of this world.
Smoke duck is okay, quite big and fat.
We enjoy the pomme puree mash (fancy name for mash potato).
Hummingbird Cake is nice too.

I believed the food is really nice with good value for money.

Best crepe in town, as always. And good service.

And happy birthday mommy.

My sister's favorite Thai vegetarian hotspot. Food is generally good.

Nice dessert, nice service.

One of my sister's favourite vegetarian place, nice and affordable.

Pretty good vegetarian thai restaurant, booking is recommended on weekends.

Less crowd nowadays, but I still think it is the best dessert in town; comes with friendly service with a good smile.

Still the best crepe and savory in PJ, and maybe KL. They expanded to two shop now.

The Chinese vegetarian dishes are good, especially curry, the pizza not so much.

Serve the best Crepes and Sweets in town.

Another of sis's favorite vegetarian place.

Strangers at 47, I really like the sweets and savoury made of crepe, light and delicious, perfect as after meal desert.