One of the better Chinese cafe at Puchong Setia Walk. Nice food, fast service and above average price.

New Thai restaurant in Puchong. Service is a bit slow, food is pretty good but price is high as well.

Pan Mee is alright. Besides pan mee, it serves many other meals as well.

New fusion restaurant in Puchong. Food is alright.

More of a cafe for main meals, but pretty alright for tea and snack as well.

Though you get organic vegetables from their garden, the price is pretty premium as well. Taste wise is alright (slight below average), not exactly great.

Convenient place, okay food and improved service.

Revisit this place after a long time. Dim sum is alright.

Now the lady boss is the main chef. Business seems to be getting better as well.

Puchong Hill night view.

Chinese fried fritters and stuff, with Chinese Tong Sui. It is alright.

Wife wanted to come here for the baked egg, but she probably confused here with somewhere else. The food is alright though.

Now there is a strong competitor to KFC. Food quality is pretty consistent and less oily.

New Ah Cheng laksa outlet in Puchong IOI mall, pretty popular. Having a cucur udang tea time set.

This duck confit with rice is pretty good, lunch promotion available on weekend as well.

Wild boar curry nasi lemak not bad, FKT okay. Brinjal with garlic could be better and cheaper.

Somehow I love the roti kosong here. Not exactly garing, but the texture and softness seems right. Curry puff is average.

Taste wise is okay, price wise is pretty expensive. They offer 50% off pizza during our weekend visit, but still doesn't feel like a good value for money.

Puchong everyday food court is reborned. I believe there are 30-40 stalls here with a few interesting options. Looking forward to explore more.

The plants of Puchong hill.

Good coconut ice cream.

The nasi lemak rendand is too tough. My impression the only nice dish in this place is nasi lemak ayam goreng.

Pretty good Chinese restaurant. Siu yuk here is the best.

The selling point here is adorable sushi, though we did perhaps are too much.

Favourite hill for Puchong folks. Nice exercise in a healthy forest with good view.