This okonomiyaki without noodle actually taste pretty good.

Can't help but to compare with burger lab, which is much better.

Taste is alright, just not my kind of food.

Food is okay, great ipoh coffee though.

5 points for looks, 3 points for taste.

Kobo bakery moved to a new location: more variety, more comfortable with a cafe.

New kopitiam in Puchong. Excellent coffee, food is okay.

Interesting Chinese skewer bbq.

The food here is not bad.

Nice selection of food and cakes, and coffee.

Food might be slightly salty for today, but still good with adequate portion. I think this Japanese cafe is pretty good in terms of food quality.

Another nice sunset of Puchong Hill.

I am not a fan of porridge, but this is not bad.

Fried Kway Teow here is one of the better ones, but sadly my mom does not approved of it.

Still very popular, one of the few noodles place approved by my Mom.

The famous Hainan tea + coffee with Croissant from Bentong. Crowded and parking is a problem.

Curry Noodle with roast pork here is pretty good and affordable.

This place has gotten pretty popular and crowded. Tasty healthy food with big portion.

2nd time here. The curry omelette doesn't have much ingredients, but fluffy and taste pretty good. The fried pork is okay.

Tried a new Puchong kopitiam, pretty okay.

Beautiful view of Taman Wawasan, Puchong.

Biang Biang Noodle from ShanXi region.

Another glorious sunset.