Hai Siang is much crowded nowadays, no longer a local secret. Food quality still maintained.

Food is pretty good with reasonable price.

The Ipoh Chicken Shred Hor Fun is really good, which require 30 minutes wait and sell out by 11am on weekends.

Another stall of steam fish with kuey teow is not bad as well.

McDonald's nasi lemak + fried chicken + fried egg. Not bad, sauce is on the sweet side. Beef grilled burger is okay.

Meal is pretty alright, service is a bit lacking.

Food are average, price is affordable.

Uncle Don definitely offer value for money meal with fast service.

Curry mee with roast pork good, shredded chicken hor fun also not bad.


Good noodle and fish cake.

Coffeebean breakfast, pretty alright.

New Hunan restaurant in Puchong. Food is average and price on the high side.

Nothing too fancy, but the Macao food here is pretty good. Minchi is a big bowl of rice with pork, vege, fried potato and egg. Parco Balichao Tamarinho is like curry chicken, remember to order the bread. Serradurra dessert is really nice.

There might not be a lot of fishball or fishcake, but the noodle is pretty good.

The usuals are sometimes the best.

Came here to try the reknowed Wantan mee. The noodle is fairly thin, but I think the highlight is the char siew, which is pretty good.

Trying their Japanese food this time, pretty alright.

The shop is really quiet, but the dim sum is alright (some not much crowd, they only steam it on demand).

The food stall changes hand quite frequently here. Generally plenty of varieties, tables and crowd.

A pretty crowded new food court in Puchong. The Western food stall here seems outlook promising 😀

New Hokkien Mee place in Puchong, taste wise just so so.

One of our favorite supper place.

Hidden banana leaf rice which open only on weekday lunch.

The food is okay, price wise more expensive than Uncle Don.

Chee Cheong Fun and the Western food stall not bad.

A pretty good neighborhood mamak stall, closed at 10pm though.