Prior to departure for our Hanoi trip, Chee Cheong Fun breakfast at Nyonya Colours. Pretty good for Airport standard.

There seems to be two FamilyMart at Klia2.

Cheese ice-cream quite superb, fish ball stuff in Tom Yam broth not bad, the hamburger rice can be better if warmer.

A few things about MAS/KLIA
- the notice board won't show which counter to check-in, but display "use kioak". At first we thought the counter is not open yet, then we realize we are supposed to use kiosk to print out both boarding pass and bag tag. Then you ask information counter on which counter to drop your bag. We could have waited until we miss our flight 😑
- usually after going through the immigration, you could refill your bottle with drinking water and bring it to the cabin. Seems like my water bottle is confiscated at the boarding gate 😑
- the problem with serving chicken and fish meal is that fish meal ran out pretty fast, so those seated at the back can only have fish 😑

Nyonya Colors for a quick meal before flight boarding.