A Chinese cafe of guiltily delicious food, shouldn't eat here to often.

Mee Rebus with pasta and cheesy bake egg, pretty good. The black coffee is a bit sourish.

Haven been here for quite a while. Lunch set (food, drink and ice-cream) is quite reasonably priced for a cafe, but the duck rice lack sauce.

One of the better Chinese cafe at Puchong Setia Walk. Nice food, fast service and above average price.

This place is surprisingly crowded on weekends night. Price is slightly on the high, but you get quality food with good service. Cheese stick is good, seafood pancake good, cheese donkatsu (pork) also good. Next time need to try the cheese pork ribs.

Nice and unique western food.

They seems to revamp their menu every 6 months. The honey chicken with kimchi rice is pretty good.

Croissant with butter & lemon curd

The food is okay.

A normal cafe, the cakes need improvement.

Tasty vegetarian meal.

Though slight pricey, options are abundance. Some dishes are quite decent.

Still one of the best western restaurant in Puchong, offering quality food.

One of the top place for tea time in Puchong.


50% off your coffee when you order a cheese cake.

Macadamia cheese cake
Light cheese cake

The place is getting more popular lately. The pork burger is nice, and their signature coffee mix is good as well.

Porcupine Christmas Lunch, they do have some unique dishes.

Porcupine afternoon snack, not bad.

Drop by Porcupine again, probably one of the better and more unique western restaurant in Puchong.


Wong Kok, the French toast is surprisingly crispy.

Boiled Coke with Ginger

Reminisce, quite a good variety of cafe and local food. Fairly crowded on weekend dinner and service might be slow. Taste wise is pretty good, especially the Golden Leg Chicken Chop and Butter Milk Pork Noodle. Drink wise is a bit of a let down.

Coffee with Cincau

Padi, one of the cafe which still open after midnight in SetiaWalk. They have ongoing promotion of 50% off coffee if you order with cheesecake.

Have dinner with bro here, the is a good crowd even though it is on the first floor at SetiaWalk.
I have a set dinner with seafood bisque, which i think is pretty okay, while bro's pasta is really cheesy. I think this place is pretty alright, will come back to try other dishes.

Cheese Pasta

A new western restaurant at SetiaWalk. The environment is pretty cozy, and some of the dishes seems pretty unique. We order the Scotsman which is coffee with cream, chocolate and whisky, nice.
The run out of pork sausage tortellini, so we have to settle for seafood tagliatelle (2 prawns and a scallop) and quack & oink wrap, which is quite good. The carrot walnut cake is satisfying as well.

A nice place for breakfast with good coffee and delicious all day big breakfast.

The neighborhood mall of Puchong, good for Makan and movie.

Good for coffee, breakfast and cake.

Good for a light bite when you are not to hungry, the food is decent, but not great.

Fried Dumpling