The rose pasta is pretty good.

Good bye Korea, until the next trip.

Fuhaha cream bun, 2000won per pop. The bread is chill, but the cream filling is pretty good.

Today is my last day in South Korea, and I have the leisure time to explore this narrow and long park again. It stretch for more than 1km long connecting Hongik Station with Gajwa Station. It is indeed beautiful and relaxing to walk through this small park in the city.

This Bingsu place order is closed by 10.45pm on Sunday.

An factory themed restaurant serving pan of cheese. It's pretty nice actually, and the environment is dimly lit. The cheese pan might seems small, but it is more than enough for 2 persons.

Street Performance going on in Hongdae on Sunday Night: dance, rap, singing..

If you need extra bag for your shopping items, get one at Morning Glory the stationary shop.

A shopping catering for young people, it has a Line Friends merchandise here.

Myeongdong is the most crowded shopping street in Seoul. It has many branded clothing shop and street eatery, but the experience could be unpleasant due to the crowd.

A huge load of Chinese tourist shopping in bulk. Go to ground floor for food and snacks.

The audience seems really inspired and responding to the speeches given at Expo 2016 event.

This place serve really nice pie/cake. Blueberry double cheese and apple cannele are good.

Passing by the famous local noodle eatery in Samcheongdong.

A pretty good meal of pork belly and pork ribs, sadly no much place for sittings.

Pork ribs

A beautiful hill street filled with Hanok houses.

Beautiful area filled with cafes and small shops, very walkable. You can see some people wearing traditional Korean clothing walking around, as you can rent them here.

Hot plate of octopus with chicken and vegetable + steam egg + soft drink = 23000won. Though the shop seems awfully quiet on Saturday, but the food is good and tasty.

Sinchon is not as crowded as Hongdae, with wider walking street and lively activities on weekend.

A beautiful garden and flower theme cafe. Both indoor and outdoor has its attractiveness, and plenty of photography opportunity.

A newly opened Ghibli Studio shop, have the Totoro sleeping in the tree hole and huge cat bus for photography.
Open 11.30am, Closed 9pm

It's a fairly small handmade craft and portrait drawing market. Some of the items here are pretty interesting.

Passing by the pretty popular franchise.

3 course French dining for 20000won per person, seems like value for money. It does have a queue as the small place can only sit 8 persons at a time, with each table taking at least 40 minutes. Either you came earlier before opening time, or much later.

The bread soup could be better if the bread is slightly warmer with more texture. The meatball with onion soup and chicken with orange sauce is good. The earl grey and black sugar rum ice-cream is average.

The published opening hours in October is 12-10pm, closed on Sunday and alternate Monday (1st and 3rd).

A small popular park for city picnic, surrounded by shops and near a university. Grab some beer and snacks at night to sit on the lawn to enjoy yourselves.

This place is perfect: great food truck + handmade items + live music + outdoor movie.

Seoul Bamdokaebbi Night Market @ Yeouido World Night Market is limited time special event on Friday and Saturday night in the park. The food quality is very good, feel like coming back to try more.

Seoul Bamdokaebbi Night Market
Live music

Lunch place famous for Kimchi Rice bento box. I think the kimchi rice is so so, but seafood pancake is pretty at 10000won.

Nami Island is like a big park, with rows and rows of beautiful trees. You can walk, cycle, electric scooter, take a mini train or electric shuttle to tour the island. It's beautiful and relaxing despite the crowd.

The pickup point to Nami Island (9:30am).
Walk from Seoul Station towards Namdaemun Gate, don't enter the Gate area but turn right at the entrance (you will see a 7-11), walk 10m and you will see the bus/sign by the main road.
Call +82-2-753-1247 for Reservation