Bought some clover honey here.

Weather is not great, so the view is average.


Gorgeous view of Milford Sound. If you stay overnight, you get the view all for yourself with almost no one around.


This walk is so worth it, just 3 hours two way with a small lake on top surrounded by higher mountains on all sides. There is a mini walk path at the peak, like touring a garden.


This short mossy forest walk way is really very beautiful, really shouldn't be missed.

湖边的Mossy Forest, 太漂亮了,一定不能错过。

Pretty nice lodge, and the only lodge in Milford Sound.
- No cooking oil or seasoning in the kitchen
- Dorm room of six only has two power outlet

Milford Sound 唯一一家住宿。

Taking Mitre Peak cruise out on a perfect weather day. Saw the dolphins, seals and penguins. Beautiful and perfect.

乘坐Mitre Peak 的小船出海,阳光普照。看见了海豚,海豹和企鹅,太幸运了吧。漂亮,完美。

PS: If possible to be fully booked or even overbooked on Spring's weekdays. If you book through discounted websites like bookme, they might push you to the next slot.

After the cruise, enjoy the view while eating our snack. Weather is too perfect.


The path is not very clear, but you follow the pipes up until the water tank, slightly further up is a small view point and a wooden plank to sit on.

短短十五分钟就有个神秘座位观赏最漂亮的Milford Sound。

A New Zealand flightless bird which look like a chicken, maybe it's Weka. Plenty of them walking around in Milford Sound.

Strong water stream and a rock with a hole. About 15 minutes walk.


Waiting for our turn to cross the one way tunnel from Milford Sound to Te Anau.


On the Te Anau side of the Homer Tunnel. The short walk is closed, but the view is still majestic.

When the weather is nice, every lake is beautiful.


Second time stopping by Mirror Lake. A sunny day does make the lake much prettier, shiny and clear; but not a mirror yet because the wind is blowing?


The pies here is alright, just no great. Bacon Egg is a bit salty, Lamb Mint could be better.

Pie 不错,但觉得Fairline Pie 比较好吃。

The food is alright, thought felt that the seafood could be fresher.


Only have enough time to reach Dock Bay. The track more like a mossy forest, I guess that's the signature of Fiordland.

还不错的Mossy Forest湖边步道,可惜没时间走完。

Simple accomdation in a farm, simple room, big kitchen and common area.