The food is okay, but the cake and pie is better.

We order a mixed fish and curry soup base. The ingredients and soup are pretty good, but the curry soup base is just too thick for consumption. Price is pretty expensive as well.

Quite a comfy Korean cafe. The bread is not bad, but quite expensive as well.

Second time here. The food here is actually pretty good, big portion and tasty. Strange thing is the crowd is not there.

I think this is probably one of the best dry ramen in town.

Though this place is pretty quiet on a Sunday evening, but the food is actually pretty good.

Smoked Drump might seems bland with any sauce, but it is nicely marinated and crispy, a pretty tasty drumbstick I would say.

Creamy egg pasta is very tasty as well, with some curry flavor.

Almond brownie dessert is alright.

Another plus side is the environment is cozy and quiet 😁

Pretty nice vegetarian cafe, my favourite is the mango sushi.

Though it is a good cafe for meals, the desert choice are fair limited.

Quite an interesting Japanese noodle shop, tough not much variety available.

I think their signature is the dry noodle, with a few type of pork to choose from and egg. After you are done, you can add white rice to it to scoop up the remaining sauce. I enjoy the noodle very much.

It's a pretty good place for desserts with plenty of variety with reasonable price. The ambience is nice as well.