Can't help but to compare with burger lab, which is much better.

Wife wanted to come here for the baked egg, but she probably confused here with somewhere else. The food is alright though.

The blueberry cheese hanbing probably can be shared among 4.

Korean fried chicken and fried onion. The chicken is alright, while the fried onion is pretty unique.

Environment and portrayal of food looks promising, taste wise is just okay.

I would say this is a pretty good chapati and Indian/Punjabi cuisine, and the portion is pretty big as well.

I think the food here is pretty nice, but my family said the pork doesn't smell alright.

This chapati shop seems popular, still need to queue at 9pm on weekends. The chapatti and mutton curry is pretty good.

The Creppe and Bingsu are okay. They also serve some catchy cotton candy.

Second time here, I still find the food taste very good and the set meal offer great value. Chef's pasta is quite a big portion for starters, and sea food pasta taste good.

The ambience is nice. The pork is tender and nicely marinated, but the babi rempah pasta is a bit bland. Cendolman cake feels like kuih, but it taste good.

Worth a try. Yogurt ice-cream in a fish-shaped waffle.

The food is really good and quite unique, and the set meal is a real value for money. Ambience wise is just so so. Our favourite is the crab omelette and orange cake with ice-cream.

Nice environment, calming music and good tea with colourful tea pot.

Came here for supper, perhaps it's better for main meal instead.

This cafe is in the Sisha vaping neighbourhood. We came for the dessert, which is quite disappointed.

Quite a nice cafe in terms of food and ambience, worth coming again.

Burgertory, I believe all their burger are the same base with different topping. It might look small, but it's pretty filling. The fried pork belly is really crispy, and is refreshing that they offer apple salad besides fries.