Quite a nice cafe in terms of food and ambience, worth coming again.

My wife bought a AeroPress coffee maker here. Don't serve main meals, only cakes and good coffee.

First time trying it, not bad, not too oily.

Still a satisfying meal with less crowd today.

Shroom Pizza

AMPM, they serve good food in big portion while being affordable.

Jibby Co, came here for lunch this time. The portion is huge, 3 person could share 2 main dishes with a side. I like the soft shell crab burger and carbonara pasta, the mocktail juice are nice as well.

Soft Shell Crab Burger
Cabonara pasta

Tous les Jours
Bakery plus cafe, nice ambience and decent food with a price tag.

Jibby Co, a building of its own outside Empire. It is crowded with a short queue during the weekend. The food is good with big portion about RM 30 per dish.

Burgertory, I believe all their burger are the same base with different topping. It might look small, but it's pretty filling. The fried pork belly is really crispy, and is refreshing that they offer apple salad besides fries.