5 points for looks, 3 points for taste.

The food here is not bad.

Pretty good neighborhood mamak at Puchong Hills.

Good breakfast spot near Wawasan Trail.

Haven't been here for quite a while. There park is beautiful with many lively activities. Soap bubble toys available for rent.

Hasbuna's popularity seems to have dwindled, and the quality of the satay stall outside had gone down to below average.

The usuals are sometimes the best.

A pretty good neighborhood mamak stall, closed at 10pm though.

Okay food and plenty of parking.

Pasta is cheap, but quite a disappointed. The fried rice portion is huge.

Simple and nice meals.

As usual, roti special and satay is a must whenever we came here.

Melaka Wantan Mee is without soy sauce but with hot sauce instead, not bad.

First time tried the Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah Kampung pretty good, second time a bit average. Probably didn't manage to keep the chicken warm and crispy.

Wantan mee not bad, though yellow liquor pork noodle more famous.

Roti bakar telur goyang for tea, quite tempting.

Curry laksa here not bad, I think Kai Xin is a pretty good place for breakfast in Puchong.

Nasi lemak is really good, roti goyang not bad, but the fried chicken chop is so so. A pretty good place for lunch, plenty of parking.

Another nice spot for breakfast: wine pork noodle and melaka wantan mee.

Plenty of cakes and swiss role on sale, the Mango Peach cake (RM7) we bought tasted average.

This is my 2nd favourite Indian restaurant in Puchong, only because it's not open for supper. The roti special is getting better, but satay is too soft (last time used to be better). The nasi lemak is pretty hot too.

Roti Special
Satay (RM0. 90 per pc)

Lunch set available on weekday for RM 8.50. Affordable and delicious simple food, worth a try.

Pasta mushroom cabonara (RM10)

Value for money, satay and roti special are my favourites, hidden gem of Puchong.

The satay and roti special are my favorites, really a gem, sadly not open for supper.

Roti Special