Took GrabCar from Chinatown to Airport for 415 THB, plus extra 75 THB for toll, about 50 minutes.

A good place for street food, shark fin, bird nest and pork jerky.

I would say the pomegranate juice, pork skewer and durian ice-cream is pretty good.

Pretty delicious crab with noodle and grill fish. Very satisfied.

There is another similar famous stall nearby, which is closed on Monday.

Seems like a nice place to have dinner by the river, didn't try it though.

A nice area for photography. This place is a shop, cafe, bookstore and a office.

A river side restaurant is next to it, and near a market.

This is a very interesting and delicious warm dessert, served with poached egg and salted egg yolk and gluttonous ball with coconut milk.

The combination might seems strange, but very delicious, must try.

A pretty quiet mall with antique and arts, next to the river.

This is a famous Thai brand handbag, from 300-600 Baht.

It's said Tourist buy a lot of them in other more popular mall, so here you can shop in peace.

It's very scenic to take the Chao Praya boat, recommended to give it a try.

Supposed to take the orange express boat, but accidentally took the more expensive tourist boat for THB 40.

If you want to experience a short ride, you can take the river crossing boat for THB 4.

Didn't visit inside due to dress code issues, but it's okay to visit the temple next to it.

Take the river crossing boat from Wat Pho to Wat Arun.

The view at Chao Praya River is beautiful.

A simple meal, but nice and cheap.

An old charm home hotel. Quite a few family with young children choose to stay here.

It's colourful, serve good breakfast and feels homey. It's not like a resort, but like a family run old and big house.

They offer some cooking and baking lessons.

Cloths and some name personalization keychain and pouch.

A visit to Bangkok wouldn't be complete without a visit to After You dessert. The toast is soft and tasty, but still have to wait up to almost an hour.

Plenty of street food beside CentralWorld.

Great cold brew coffee here.

The food here is great, albeit a bit pricey and very popular.

Lamb Ragu and Big Breakfast is very good, and the dessert came in pretty big portion as well. And it comes with delicious complimentary bread as well.

Seems like a nice place to hangout, with plenty of free seatings, a decent food court and nice cafes.

It's a community space with restaurants concept.

The dishes seems good, with quite a number of Chinese tourist.

Sadly our steam fresh river prawns with egg are overcooked, where the prawn feel rubbish and the egg soaked with soy sauce. 760 Baht for our meal, together with vege with pork.

Sadly Artbox Chatuchak is closed down before the advertised closing date.

Coconut ice-cream in coconut husk with some toppings. It's okay.

A long stretch of shopping and street food.

The fried fushball is pretty good.

Plenty of locals enjoy park picnic here.

The dessert here is very good, and very filling, though priced higher.

The Ring has ice-cream covered by hardened caramel, a crispy pastry and pudding sauce which is not too sweet. It has multiple layers of taste. The other peach, pear and orange puff waffle is good as well.

The meal are very filling, so better come here with an empty stomach or share a dish among a few people.

Nice local meal, the grilled chicken and pork are good, omelette with oyster are average. The drinks are not very good, stick with soft drinks and beer.

Comfy hotel at a good location.

- Our room doesn't have a real window
- The hot water is not stable
- Could hear the noise from the corridor