Having burger king at Hanoi Airport before departure.

A cozy little cafe surrounded by many books and good Western coffee. The environment is very quiet with soft English music playing. There is an indoor balcony seatings for those who prefer more privacy, with a small comic collection.

There is a good mix of locals and foreigners, and outdoor area for smokers.

Really enjoyed the ambience here, which we have time to stay for at least 2 hours.

A place famous for local style beef steak and roast pigeon. Won't say it is the best, but it's good and the local likes it. The restaurant is well hidden through a small corridor, with a signage outside.

Hanoi beer and food street. Definitely a lot of foreigners here.

Giang Cafe can be found by walking through a narrow corridor from the main street. There are seatings on the ground floor or first floor (covered rooftop).

Nothing fancy here. Specialty is egg coffee and no food served, sitting on small tables and chairs. Egg coffee is pretty thick.

Nice and affordable ice-cream, from stick ice-cream, cone to sundae. Ice-cream taste pretty milky, with a few flavours.

Sunday walking streets around Hoan Kiem Lake.

This is the second time we tried pho in this trip, the food is pretty alright. There could be a short queue on peak period due to the small place.

Do take note only tourists eat here.

A nice hideout to relax and have some Vietnamese dessert. There are little tourists in sight and a small crowd.

Walking around Hanoi. I do find the old quarters pretty charming.

Hoan Kiem lake on a Saturday night, plenty of activities going on: some performance, some mini concerts, line dancing, games to play, etc.

Dessert: you can have fruits with jelly, or jelly only. It comes with a yogurt pudding. I like it.

Hanoi street at night.

Must try in Hanoi. The fried fish with spring onion and rice noodle is superb. Favourite among local and tourist.

Clean and affordable hotel, nothing charming though.

Nice relaxing cafe, decent food and drinks.

The paddy field is indeed full of life: groups of butterfly dancing around, fishes popping up occasionally, white crane-like bird gliding in the air and nature music player by insect cricking and bird chirping. I am sure many more of nature's like are hidden from human senses.

Awesome free breakfast at Tam Coc Garden, order anything you like with a view.

The one set dinner (299,000VND) is of generous portion and probably enough for two. Nice ambience, great service and good food.

This is more of a temple than a pagoda, attached to a mountain and within it's cave. If you are adventurous enough, you can take the forbidden route up to the top of the mountain to have a great view of the surrounding area.

Entrance is free, parking is probably 10,000VND per bicycle. The attendance might try to charge more for other access fee, thus you might need to stand your ground.

Tam Coc Garden Restaurant is pretty good actually, with reasonable pricing.

Our luxury accommodation for the night, a perfect place for relaxation and do nothing. We only wish we have more time or more money for another night.

Banh Mi breakfast with a view is the best.

Cycling from Tam Coc back to Trang An.