Taking the earliest ferry out of Cheongsando at 6.50am to Wando then took another ferry to Jeju (3.5h).

The ferry might take in between stop at Chuja Island, don't be mistaken and drop off here if you are heading to Jeju.

Route 11 and 10 from Docheong-ri to Jiri beach. Nice path along the way with many graveyard.

Docheong-ri, the port town of Cheongsando.

Wando and Cheongsando Ferry Schedule

Route 2 is very scenic with plenty of flowers and a few Korean drama sets.

Route 4 and 2 are short but scenic across the coastline.

Lunch at Cheongsando Slow Food Experience Centre, the food of fish for 7000won per person is pretty good.

First day of trekking in Cheongsando on Route 5, probably one of the most natural and beautiful route here.

It's nice to have one full day of sunny weather, hard to come by during this trip.

Nice accommodation at Cheongsando, need to arrange pickup from the ferry terminal with the owner.

The place is clean, nice and spacious, with a balcony and view. It's very family friendly with kitchen, fridge and rice cooker.

They can serve dinner (restaurants are far away) and provide pickup after your trekking finish.

Wando Ferry Terminal, manage to catch the last ferry to Cheongsando at 17.20 after typhoon Chaba just passed. The journey is less than an hour.

Miss Faith from Illigy Cafe introduced Yujahyang to us in Cheongsando, so we have a pickup from the ferry terminal to their nice place.