High speed rail station at Huashan north. The should be a free shuttle bus to Huashan National Park entrance, but we end up paying RMB 20 to a hotel near the entrance.


An old style court yard accommodation, looks pretty interesting from the outside, the room is okay. Downside is hot water is only available from 6pm onwards.

We book our room for the next day, leaving some luggage here before walking to YuQuanYuan (20 mins) to begin our hike up HuaShan.



Hiking up Huashan from 玉泉院. The hike takes about 7h and it's fairly challenging. The food and water sold along the way also increase in prices along the way.

The path is pretty steep near the top, which is both challenging and memorable. The view at the North Peak is pretty amazing, and the path from North to the other peaks are breathtaking as well.

Huashan is a very beautiful mountain with unique smooth yellow stone formation.




Day 2 hiking from our hotel to Eastern Peak to watch the sunrise at 6.30pm, and the observation deck is too crowded. The view at Eastern Peak is very beautiful.

Southern side have the cliff hanging deck which is quite an amazing experience (we queue for about 30 mins).

We took the cable car (RMB 140) down via Western Peak and the experience is pretty surreal. The car came out from a man-made mountain cave with extremely high and flat cliff, passing through another peak before reaching the ground. We took a bus (RMB 40) to reach the main Huashan station.