Too rocky and under construction, not to mentioned too much cloud.

Lunch, food is alright given the price.

On the way from Franz Josef to Arthur's Pass.

The walks are average, but the lake and the white heron is superb.


On the way from Franz Josef to Arthur's Pass.

Not far away from Franz Josef, but weather had been super cloudy for the pass 2 days.

Dinner date with the cat.


Really beautiful lake, I am sure it's more shining when it's sunny.


Great view and environment, food is alright.

Since can't do skydiving today due to cloudy weather, we did a simple walk for the Franz Josef Glacier.


A nice short walk to a tiny pond full little animals: ducklings and pretty birdies. One might pass the pond in 5 seconds, but we really enjoy sitting here enjoying our snacks, the views and the birdies.


After Peters Pond, the track continue to Douglas Walk. If you cross the bridge, it continue to Roberts Point Track which is 5h return. Since weather is not good, we didn't proceed to go far.

I thought Montrose is a very good deal, but Rainforest Retreat is also very competitive in terms of pricing and comfort.

Dinner: Tomato macaroni with egg and whitebait.

Too much sand flies, can't stop for long.

Too late for Whitebait Patty burger, can only buy some Whitebait for cooking. $25 for a small pack.

First visit to a beach in New Zealand. Didn't find any penguins here, but plenty of sandflies.


This swamp is quite charming, given the plants and reflective waters.


Nice place to stay, affordable room with attached bathroom. Free soup at 8pm, free breakfast as well.