Our accommodation at Xi'an city near the north high speed rail station. Walking would take us 15 mins, but the owner is kind enough to drive us there.

The place is not great as it's situated in a condominium, things are basic. The plus side is the lady boss is friendly and helpful.


Taking high speed rail from Xi'an north station to Huashan north station. First class ticket is RMB 89 person and the journey takes 30 minutes.

First class passenger are given goody snacks and a bottled water.


The hotel's location is pretty central, with clean room and nice environment.


Xi'an city is pretty big and seems nice.


回民街 is a good street with mostly Muslim food. The place is pretty crowded and the food is quite good with many variety.


重庆小面, noodle and bun for breakfast is pretty good.


Xi'an City Gate, a magnificent city get and you get a nice view of the city. You could walk or cycle 2km to the next gate, where there are four of them around the city.


A shopping street, didn't have enough time to walk through it.


After checking in an Hantang, we went for BBQ supper in a shop opposite our hotel, hidden in a small lane.

Though the food served is pretty simple, but it taste pretty good. BBQ chicken, BBQ brinjal with garlic, BBQ naan bread and vegetables in curry are all good, and of course QingDao beer as well.



Hotspring resort of Tang's emperor, sadly the pool is empty as they diverted all the water to nearby hospitals. The place also highlighted Yang Guifei, the love of a concubine.

Mount Li is just behind this place.



The highlight of the place is pit number one with rows of Terracotta Army. Things sort of go downhill from here, unless you are interested to study the sculptured soldier in detail. Nope, you can't stand next to a real Terracotta Soldier to take a selfie, though fake ones are plentifully across Xian.

The place is fairly large with about 4-5 halls for visit, alternating between indoor and outdoor as we move between the pits. They have escavated less than 1% of the place, as they don't have the technology to prevent oxidation of the ancient relics. The dummy soldier is originally very colorful (not clay colour), as oxidation destroy the colour within hours.



There is nothing much to see here, as the moloseum of Emperor Qin is not escavated. It's like a big garden surrounding the man-made hill, where the moloseum is beneath.