Sasaran + Sekinchan 2019

One of the way to visit Sasaran Beach (Sky Mirror) 沙沙兰天空之镜. About half an hour boat ride to the middle of the sea, where the beach/island only appears on low tide.

The Sasaran Sky Mirror appear in the middle of the ocean during low tide. A crowded beach with no trees, nothing much to do except take photos (the tour include photographer who knows how to take photo with mirror reflection).

Cafe in an elevated bus. Quite a unique experience, but drinks and desserts are just okay.

A pretty interesting airbnb, cargo container in the padi field. It was pretty hot during this season, with plenty of small insect. The place is still pretty cozy and relaxing though.

A huge wishing tree, and a so so beach.

The food here is very good: creative, tasty and good quality. Sort of Japanese fusion.

Didn't go for the tour, but plenty bought the rice and food.

Pretty alright mango shake and rojak.