Purchase KT Olle 4G Sim card of unlimted Internet for 30 days (about 70000 won). The Internet is pretty reliable.

Seems like a love hotel, but it's affordable, quiet and clean.

A nice and value for money place to have lunch. We order beef for 7000 won per person (lunch promotion), minimum 2 persons. Comes with miso soup and steam egg as well.

Seomyeom subway station, with luggage locker and underground shopping, connected to Lotte shopping center.

Offer a great view of Busan. The street art is alright.

Take the subway to Tuseong station. It's recommended to take a bus to Gamcheon village, as walking uphill is quite tough and could take 45 minutes.

A lot of street food and shopping around BIFF Square, stretching from Jagalchi station to Nampo station.

Market with quite a number of street snacks, connected to a large market area with multiple sections selling different things.

The bread sold here is really good, highly recommended.

The ferry to Ulleungdo depart at 9.50am. We got a ticket on the spot 1 hour before departure time on weekday (seems like reservation only in Korean), and the weather is good (the ferry will be cancelled if bad weather condition).

We leave our M2 Motel in Busan at 6.10am, took the subway from Seomyeon station to Nopo station (30 minutes), board a bus to Pohang (1h20m) then took a taxi to Pohang Passenger Terminal (6000won).

Ulleungdo seems like a touristy place for locals, the ferry seems 95% occupied on a weekday.

The ferry stop at Do-dong, with plenty of accommodation around 50000won per night on weekday. Drop by the Tourist Information for map and bus schedule.

50000won per night on weekday, quiet and clean, with free drinking water refill available, very near the ferry terminal and bus stop.

Our first meal of Octopus intestine hotpot at 10000won per person, not bad (we didn't know it was intestines when eating).

One of the highlight tour in Ulleungdo, walking from Do-dong to Jeo-dong (about an hour). It's beautiful.

The second biggest town in Ulleungdo, has a good cafe at the seafront.

Catch of the day hotpot for 20000won per person, pretty good.

We took a taxi from Do-dong to CBS relay station (the driver probably rip us off by charging 10000won without running meter).

The path is beautiful and well marked, reaching Seonginbong peak within 3 hours.

It took us less than 2 hours to ascend to Nari Basin and took a bus at 11:50am to the main bus route.

KBS Relay Station Starting Point

We took the public bus to Taeha, then took the monorail (4000won per person) up the mountain to see the coastal view from Daepunggam. It is very windy up there, and the view is stunning as well.

We took the old walking trail down hill, which is very beautiful as well (recommended).

Main bus stop at Do-dong.

We have mussels rice (honghapbap) for 15000won per person, pretty good.

A small coffee shop.

The nearest bakery from Do-dong seafront.

There is an hourly direct bus to Bongnae Waterfall. The wind cave is a joke.

A simple cafe to kill some time, 5000won for coffee.

Very nice seafood pancake for 20000won.

Seems to be the nicest cafe in Ulleungdo.

Bump into this beautiful old house, seems to be some kind of museum.

A beautiful temple near the cable car station.

Passing by the Dokdo Observation Cable Car (7500won per person).