The paddy field is indeed full of life: groups of butterfly dancing around, fishes popping up occasionally, white crane-like bird gliding in the air and nature music player by insect cricking and bird chirping. I am sure many more of nature's like are hidden from human senses.

Hanoi - Ninh Binh

4 days exploring the great nature of Ninh Binh and 2 days of food and cafe hunting in Hanoi.

Tam Coc Garden

  • Desmond Lua
  • 2018-03-17 03:58:55
  • Tam Coc Garden

Mini translucent snail.

  • Desmond Lua
  • 2018-03-17 02:34:29
  • Tam Coc Garden

Awesome free breakfast at Tam Coc Garden, order anything you like with a view.