We woke up at 7AM to catch a ride to Kanas. We keep our main luggage at our hotel (which charge us RMB 50 as we will be away for more than 3 days). There are a few spot for breakfast at Burqin in the early morning, where we opt for buns and wanton for RMB 26.

A local man try to persuade us to take his transport, where I am reluctant as it is a private car and not a registered "public" transport. Eventually we did gave in to his persistency as we leave for Jia Deng Yu (the village just before Kanas entrance) for RMB 300 for 2 person. Usually it cost RMB 400 per car, or we can wait for another 2 person then split the cost, but we are reluctant to wait for another hour or so.

We depart around 8.30AM and reach Jia Deng Yu closed to 11AM. The journey is slow as we ascend up mountain road and there are plenty of sheep herds along the way blocking traffic. The driver is too talkative for our taste and he smoke in the car.

Jia Deng Yu is a beautiful village with some accommodation options, including some fancy European style hotel. We follow the man-made path towards the mountain and finally reach the starting point of our trek at the end of the path.

On the way from Burqin to Jia Deng Yu
On the way from Burqin to Jia Deng Yu

贾登峪 Jia Deng Yu Village

Start of trail from 贾登峪 - 半路客栈

Ticket Office
Ticket Office

We reach the ticket office near the bridge around 1.30PM, slightly behind schedule. We have to pay RMB 68 entrance fee into the park, though the printed price on the ticket is RMB 48. We have our lunch near the river after the bridge: orange juice, bread, fruits and raisins.

The walk is nice, sadly the rain came as well. It was windy and raining for 15 minutes, luckily it was not heavy and pass rather quickly.

We meet a Chinese girl coming from the opposite directly, she was trekking alone with a small backpack. Others are mostly local on motorcycle or 4WD.

半路客栈 Midway Hostel