At 6AM the bus stop at a small town, where a sign say 可可托海专线. We didn't get down at the town as the place felt too remote. We reach Fuyun 富蕴 town around 6.30AM, where the bus station and town seems deserted at this time. We try to ask some red van driver on the road on how to get to KeKeTuoHai 可可托海, where he say he could take me there for RMB 200 (where himself admit is expensive), or we can wait at the bus station until 9-10AM where minivan is available for the cost of RM 20-30 per person.

We have breakfast at a shop next to the bus station which open at this ungodly hour. Things start to pickup at the bus station around 8.30AM where minivan driver to KeKeTuoHai 可可托海 started appearing. The minivan need to wait for at least 10 person before departure, which could take an hour or more. It's a long wait from 6.30AM, but things turn out alright.

The route from Fuyun 富蕴 to KeKeTuoHai 可可托海 is interesting, covered by barren land and rocky mountains, and occasional traffic jam caused by herds of goat and sheep. The herd seems to react better to human chasing them rather then honing of vehicle (as if they couldn't hear the honk).

We pass by Kekesuli Lake 可可蘇里, which is a vast lake with tall vegetation in the middle of barren land. Sadly we didn't manage to stop there as most passengers are local and not tourist.

After crossing the mountains and passing through Keketuohai 可可托海 town, we finally reach Keketuohai Scenic Area 可可托海风景区 (we need to pay RMB 10 extra to get to here from the town). Somehow, this is the place full of vegetation among the barren land.

It's morning and the vast parking lot is fairly empty. We pay about RMB 100 for entry ticket and shuttle service. This place does have a grand entrance and a 5-star free public toilet.

Keketuohai Scenic Area 可可托海风景区 is a river valley with rocky mountain on both side. Most of the mountain are 90 degree steep and smooth looking surface, especially the landmark Shenzhong Mountain 神钟山.

The shuttle took us from the entrance to Shenzhong Mountain 神钟山, which si 17KM away and not easy to reach by foot. In between we pass by attractions such as 白桦林, 夫妻树, 石门, etc. From Shenzhong Mountain 神钟山 we can walk another 6KM by foot to the final stop which is Jilande Hotspring 季兰德温泉 or we can take another shuttle for RMB 7 one way.

We take accommodation at Shenzhong Mountain 神钟山 Mongolia Hut 毡房 (RMB 50 per person). At the current low season, only Shenzhong Mountain 神钟山 and Jilande Hotspring 季兰德温泉 have accommodation.

The disappointing part is the walk is on a cemented path (hard on the foot) and the waterfall at the end isn't that interesting. The good news is there is a hotspring (RMB 50 per person) in a wooden hut, and it is relaxation with privacy.

Along the way only 2 spots allow simple trek up the mountain at Shenzhong Mountain 神钟山 ;and bear Elephant Trunk Mountain 象鼻山.

China's national park is usually huge with big path and electric car to fetch you around, and it's indeed scenic. The sad thing is that it seldom allow to encourage close encounter with nature, such as a trekking path.