We went to ZhaoSu 昭苏 bus station at 9AM to go to 喀拉峻 through 特可斯. The bus arrived at 9.20AM and only depart at 10.30AM when the bus is almost full. The journey takes about an hour and cost around RMB 15.

We reach 特可斯 bus station and have lunch nearby. The restaurant owner told us the bus to 喀拉峻 is at the East Bus Station. We wanted to take a cab to East Bus Station, but the cab driver told us the bus there depart at 7PM, so we end up taking his ride to Kelajun 喀拉峻 for RMB 150.

Kelajun 喀拉峻 is about 50KM away, passing by apple farm and going up the mountain, passing through a beautiful river. The road condition isn't very good, more suitable for 4WD.

The entrance ticket and transport ticket is RMB 170 per person. The journey from the entrance to the eastern part of the park is 20 minutes while it takes an hour to the western part. We stop by several scenic spots for 20 minutes along the way.

Kelajun is a huge grassland on the mountain, far and wide, seems like endless walk on foot. One side of the grassland is surrounded by 天山 mountain range, and the other side is endless grassland. It's sunny, slightly windy, and it's a perfect day for picnic. I am sitting on the vast grassland, feels like taking a nap, and think about nothing.

In the grassland, there is "nothing", where you can walk and walk, or take a rest.

After a nice nap and a short stroll, we took the bus back.