Xinyuan 新源 is a nice and walkable town, not too crowded with plenty of eatery.

We check-in into a local chain hotel 新速八快捷 for RMB 138 (windowless room). Not a very good choice, but sufficient for the night. Nice things about China's hotel is that they have Internet TV.

The weather forecast doesn't look promising for the next few days, so we decide to postpone our trip to Nalati 那拉提 and stay another night in town to relax, which means late night Internet TV, junk food, more eating and strolling around.

We have 水饭 for breakfast, which is a good change from buns. Found a modern cafe selling cold drinks and Mocha, which is really a rare find in Xinjiang.

We have BBQ dinner at a nearby night market; we have mushrom, lamb, chicken, hotdog, naan, toufu and etc. We order a hotplate of chicken, and it's filled with chili powder. The dinner is a good break from the usual rice and noodle, but not as good as Buerjin's BBQ.