Soon we reach Ili 伊犁, which we are disappointed as the city have lots of car and very dusty due to road maintenance. We felt the city is too chaotic and too big to explore by foot, push we decide to push on to ZhaoSu 紹苏.

The ride from 赛里木湖 to 伊犁 cost us RMB 300, which I believed we are being overcharged, and our detour to 霍城 didn't work out as well.

There is a bus ride at 1.30PM to 紹苏 which take about 4 hours for RMB 42++. My research show the ride should be 2.5 hours only, which later I found out if you travel by car, they would take a more dangerous and scenic mountain route. The bus pass through Bagua City 特克斯 instead, the longer route.

We reach 紹苏 around 5PM, are we are thinking should we push on to 夏特. The bus driver advise against it so we stay in 紹苏 for the night. The bus driver recommend a big hotel 鸿达 which cost RMB 240 per night.

I like the feel of 紹苏, as the town is walk-able (though nothing much to see), and the outskirt are beautiful like Tuscany, plus we can see the ice cap mountain range far away. Plenty of fruit stall and lamb skew available in town.


I believe the final destination is the hotspring hotel 夏塔温泉, since there is no signboard. We walk through the valley towards the mountains. There is an electric car transport (4KM route, 2 ways for RMB 60 per person).

I enjoy walking through the valley, as the route is wide, and there are separate path for pedestrian and car. The sky is clear, gentle breeze is blowing, the wide valley and the beautiful snow mountain serve as the beacon to guide us to our destination.