Our last stop was in Hanoi before heading back to KL. From Sapa, we took bus instead of train to Hanoi - a long distance bus journey on bumpy mountain road. Luckily we still can sleep in the bus :) My camera spoiled on the last day in Sapa, so all these pictures in Hanoi were taken using iphone. To us, it's just eat eat eat in Hanoi :)

Long distance sleeper bus from Sapa to Hanoi.

We passed by a chee cheong fun stall outside a clinic and wanted to try. A doctor who was buying the chee cheong fun offered us to eat in his clinic, haha.

The doctor was kind enough to allow us to sit inside his room to have our chee cheong fun, it's kind of funny to eat in a clinic though.

Later on, someone carried some longan and sell in the clinic. The doc even helped us to bargain the price for longan, so funny.

A hidden coffee shop
A hidden coffee shop

We can view Hanoi city from the coffee shop.

This shop that sells hats actually has a lot of helmet design as well!

Great varieties of food at Quan An Ngon

Doggies gathering in the park... Hanoi people like dogs especially chiwawa :)