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酸奶冰泡芙 Yogurt Ice Puff @ Baiwago SS2

Price: 6 / 10 👍
  • 1 month ago

Baiwago Plus Cafe - 1 tip

See 12 photos and 1 tip from 220 visitors to Baiwago Plus Cafe. "No more plastic bag..."

卡布奇諾 Cuppuccino @ 百瓦哥咖啡 Baiwago Plus Cafe SS2

Food today: 7 / 10 👍👍😋😋

煙熏雞肉三明治 Smoked Chicken Sandwich, 奶油包 Butter Bun & 百瓦哥經典拿鐵 BP Classic Latte @ 百瓦哥咖啡 Baiwago Plus Cafe SS2

so far it is the best sandwich among others sampled here in the past few days.

堅果咖啡 Nut Coffee, 雞蛋三文治 Egg Mayo Sandwich & Matcha Magnum Roll @ 百瓦哥咖啡 Baiwago Plus Cafe SS2

The nutty flavored $13.10 "堅果咖啡 Nut Coffee" recommended by the Baiwago barista was interesting!

百香果咖啡 Passion Fruit Coffee, 鲔魚三明治 Tuna Sandwich & "多利"蛋糕 Dolly Cake @ Baiwago SS2

The rm$11.90 "百香果咖啡 Passion Fruit Coffee" was interesting, although 百香果 Passion + 咖啡 Coffee seems an odd couple combination, but the concoction seems awkwardly palatable!

經典拿鐵 BP Latte, 蒜香麵包 Garlic Bun & 帕玛森奶酪麵包 Parmesan Cheese Bun @ Baiwago Cafe SS2

Baiwago Cafe in SS2 offers another possible work-friendly Cafe.
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