We dine at Jaipur's famous LMB (Laxmi Mishthaan Bhandar) restaurant (which Rough Guide says the quality had dropped). While we are being pestered by an old rickshaw guy, two young college student look-alike came to our rescue and point us to the restaurant. That's India: one side there are touts and rickshaw drivers trying to squeeze money out of tourist, while some local Indians feels it's their duty to help and protect the tourists.

LMB sell sweets and desserts outside, and the restaurant is inside. We saw a sign saying the restaurant is closed for renovation until next day, and luckily a staff point us to their inner temporary restaurant. We ordered a Rajasthan's set meal for RS 360 (which we feel is pretty decent, but later realised perhaps it is too overpriced). We packed some sweets to go, and as usual they are sweet and milky.