The train system is fairly systematic, and easy to use. We just check our train number on the board to confirm the time of arrival and which platform to go to. The train arrive on time, but the departure is delayed for 30 minutes. I think we are still lucky, since it's normal for train to be delayed for 2 hours or more.

The train experience on the Second class is quite fun and enjoyable. The coach is not too packed, and everyone have their individual seat number. Usually there are 3 seats on one bench, and it could be converted into 3 layers of bed as well (the bench is the lowest bed, the back cushion could be pulled up to be the middle bed, and there is already a top bed). The seats are clean and strong. A local family of four sit with us (6 people in a unit with 2 benches facing each other), and they are very nice and friendly. Their eldest daughter has a sharp pretty face (model material), followed by their active little daughter and pampered youngest son. The brought along a lot of snacks and hot food for the journey, and they are going to Jaipur for a family vacation.

The scenery along the way is fairly interesting, with flat lands and plantation fields, and some occasional small hills. For the journey of 300 km, the scenery is vastly the same along the way. I really like the train experience, as it is comfortable with slight jerkiness, strong wind blowing through the open window, and the sudden loud noise when another train pass by.