Rome Roma City

Rome, Italy

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It takes years to scratch the surface of living and eating in Rome, not to mention the countless strata beneath. But if you only have a few days in the Italian capital and want to eat well, a bit of planning, a bus pass, and a sense of adventure can go a long way to ensuring a delicious trip.
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Hi Everyone! The husband and I are back from the most amazing, month long trip to Italy. We spent 2 weeks in Rome, 1 week in Montepluciano, and 1 week at the Aeolian Islands (a small set of islands off […]
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Insider tips and stories on things to do in Rome from other travelers and bloggers around the web.

Venice City Venezia City

Venice, Italy

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Budget travel tips and advice for Venice, one of the most expensive cities in Italy with things to do, cost information, and money saving tips.

Bruges City

Bruges, Belgium

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I spent a weekend in Bruges. Here's what I got up to.
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Falling in love with a place you see in a movie can be both a blessing and a curse. Was Bruges everything I expected and hoped it would be?
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Brugge | Bruges Travel Photography. 't Brugs beertje. De Halve Maan.

Ostallgäu District

Ostallgäu, Germany

's-Hertogenbosch Den Bosch City

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Ghent Gent City

Ghent, Belgium

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While admittedly your mileage may vary, I was surprised to find yesterday that the town of Ghent, in Dutch (Flemish) Belgium, is quite possibly the prettiest place I’ve ever visited. The first thing you notice on entering Ghent is the guys (and gals). They’re kind of hot. Especially as compared to Brussels, which, coming from …
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Some reasons why I think everyone should visit Ghent, Belgium.
  • 2012-10-10 00:00:00+00:00
Sandra de Lobel moved to Ghent to study and fell in love. She’s currently renting an old but cozy apartment near the city center and loves living where

Fussen Füssen Town

Füssen, Germany

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Late last summer, D and I took a little trip down to Liechtenstein...well...just to say we'd been to Liechtenstein. When in Europe, right? ;) After sight-seeing there, ...

Lucerne City Luzern, 琉森 City

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瑞士的琉森 Luzern / Lucerne 最引以為傲的美景,就是那美麗的琉森湖景,同時琉森也是瑞士主要的城市之一,交通樞紐,安排瑞士自由行時,別忘了排點時間悠閒的散步琉森街頭唷,走吧,跟著大方步行
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【瑞士琉森(Luzern) 穆西格城牆 (Musegg Wall ) 、獅子紀念碑(Lowendenkmal)】 逛完舊城區,我們在琉森的下一個行程,就是位在舊城區北緣的穆西格城牆與冰河公園 ...

Amsterdam City

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam is not just about the coffee shops, the Van Gogh Museum and the Red Light District. We present you with things to do in Amsterdam
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Insider tips on the best things to do in Amsterdam, plus recommendations on where to stay, eat, shop and explore.
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Where to go and what to eat when traveling in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Cinque Terre County

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I met my sweetheart in The Cinque Terre. I had no idea where the Cinque Terre was. Turns out it's the most gorgeous spot in Italy. Read on for more!
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If you are thinking about traveling Cinque, Terre Italy in the off-season--this post is for you! We were there in February of this year, and we learned some things that no other travel sites had really educated or warned us about beforehand (and one of my favorite parts about writing/documenting our travels is that I get to share what I learn with all of you--because I love reading what other people have learned and want to share with me. It makes traveling so much more fulfilling)
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Get this free itinerary to the Cinque Terre designed by an expert. Let me show you what to do in the Cinque Terre to maximize your precious vacation time.

Siena City City

53100 Siena Siena, Italy

Interlaken Town

Interlaken, Switzerland

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Travel tips for Interlaken, the most popular backpacking destination in Switzerland, with advice for the city including things to do and costs.
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As I had mentioned before, Interlaken was my primary motivation to go to Switzerland. Well, the first one was Interlaken, and the other one was Rhine Falls. A few years ago, I saw an introduction of Interlaken on a Chinese travel TV show and instantly fell in love with the picturesque and seemingly dreamlike landscapes…

Vernazza Vulnetia Town

Vernazza La Spezia, Italy

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Vernazza was the fourth city traveling north from La Spezia.  We decided to stay in here, because it seemed like the favorite of the Cinque Terre villages for most photographers and travel blogs I browsed through.  Vernazza was beautiful and the views from the hotel were unreal.  We spent the…
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Cinque Terre, Italy is a popular destination. As photographers, how can we make a unique photo of something that’s been photographed millions of times? Learn an easy way to dramatically set your photography apart.

Bacharach Town

Bacharach, Germany

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After checking out of the castle-hotel of Burg Liebenstein, we took the KD ferry to Bacharach for the final two nights of our 1500km voyage. In 24 days we had ...
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My travels in the United States and other foreign countries with a particular focus on local restaurants, museums, plays, musicals, and concerts in the greater San Francisco Bay area.
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Bacharach is a small town situated on one of the most scenic stretches of the Rhine river. It is about an hour and a half from Frankfurt, or about 15 minutes away ...

Mainz-Bingen District

Mainz-Bingen, Germany

Schwangau Town

Schwangau, Germany

Drunen Town

Drunen, Netherlands

Haarlem City

Haarlem, The Netherlands

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Haarlem is one of the most charming towns in the Netherlands, and it's just a short hop from Amsterdam. Check it out!
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Don't you love it when you travel to a foreign country and it actually looks and feels exotic and different from your accustomed surroundings?  When I was in Haarlem I felt immediately that I was in Europe.  The houses, buildings, canals, narrow stone streets, doors and windows, sidewalk cafes -- everything exuded Old World charm.…

Lauterbrunnen Town

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

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Dari Lauterbrunnen, aku menaiki cable car ke Grutschalp. Pakai Swiss Pass, mudah nak gerak ke sana sini. Just tunjuk aje, pastu terus naik. Dalam 10 minit ...
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As you arrive in Lauterbrunnen the glacial valley with waterfalls cascading down the vertical cliffs reminds you of... Yosemite. (Indeed, the two are geologically ...
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I now know why Switzerland exists: it's to make to the other european countries seem affordable. Your eyes do not deceive you: that menu above does indeed ...

Warsaw Warszawa City

Warsaw, Poland

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It's nice to walk around the old town and new town of Warsaw in this weather. It's peaceful with plenty of food around.

Brig Brig-Glis, Brigue-Glis Town

Brig, Switzerland

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All Tousist Places in India,World best Tourist Places

San Gimignano Town of Fine Towers Town

53037 San Gimignano Siena, Italy

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Discover San Gimignano! Beautiful medieval hill town with Towers in Italy! Here is a Travel Guide to know San Gimignano's Top Attractions!

Brienz Town

Brienz, Switzerland

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Brienz appears to be very domesticated. The village has been inhabited for about a thousand years. The local church dates back to the 12th century, and some ...

Cologne Köln City

Cologne, Germany

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Smart and useful travel guide for Cologne, Germany - where the hipsters hang out
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A budget travel guide for the German city of Cologne with things to do, cost information, ways to save money, places to see, and more.
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Looking for travel tips on what to Do in Cologne? Here are Cologne travel tips from a locals perspective.

Greater London County

Greater London, UK

Grindelwald Village

Grindelwald, Switzerland

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After seeing Mt. Titlis, Trubsee Lake, buying some groceries, and taking our tent down, we headed back to the train station. Finally, our last time to have to hike along the river. It was a nice hike, but two miles one way multiple times a day was getting old. We must have walked that same route eight times in two days.
  • 2010-10-07 00:00:00+00:00
As mentioned in the previous post, the true adventure started the next day, on leaving for Grindelwald, a mountain town that i've discovered 'by mistake' 7 years ...
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Last weekend, we took advantage of the new 2 for 1 promotion by Migros and SBB. This is really a pretty good deal because you get to take your girlfriend

London Borough of Hillingdon Town

London Borough of Hillingdon, UK

Porto City City

Porto, Portugal

Antwerp City Antwerpen, Anvers, Amberes City

Antwerp, Belgium

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One of my favorite places to visit these days is the remarkably beautiful City of Antwerp, Belgium.
  • 2013-09-13 00:00:00+00:00
In July, AFAR Travel Magazine sent me to Flanders to indulge in the rich culture of the region and to enjoy the Flemish way of life. I was visiting four different cities (Gent, Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp) in six days and shot tons of pictures. I met a lot of interesting people who were very proud of …

Bologna City

Bologna, Italy