Shirakawa-go 白川郷, White River Old-District Attraction

#501-56 Hatotani-517 Shirakawa-Village Ohno-District Gifu Pref.

Shirakawa Village is located in the northwestern part of Gifu Pref. and is next to Gokayama Village in Toyama pref., and west of the village are the Hakusan Mountains which border Ishikawa Pref. and Gifu Pref.. It is a typical mountain village that is surrounded by mountains. Mountains and forests account for 96% of the area and the remaining 0.4% is cultivated land.

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Dalam bas ke Shirakawa-go...kawasan ni dekat dengan Japanese Alps, so kena lalu kawasan bergunung-ganang, asyik keluar masuk terowong je, adalah lebih dari 10 terowong, panjang pulak tu terowongnya..
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January of 2009 was my friend, Trisha's, last month in Japan. My time in Japan could easily be broken into three phases: before I knew Trisha, when Trisha and I travelled around everywhere together and after Trisha went back to the US. Needless to say, for her last weekend in town we had to take in some last bits of sightseeing together.

Shiroyama Park 城山公園, Shiroyama Kōen Attraction

Japan, 〒506-0822 岐阜県高山市城山

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If you want a relaxed day walking around through snow covered trees and walking through trenches of fresh snow then take some time out to walk around Shiroyama Park. The park has a walking course that leads you around the mountain and up to the ruins of Takayama Castle.

Arkopia Sunflower Garden アルコピアひまわり園 Attraction

岐阜県高山市久々野町無数河 ひだ舟山スノーリゾートアルコピア

When summer comes, over 200,000 sunflowers bloom on the Arkopia ski slopes. A market, sketch-meet and a sunflower garden photo contest are held during the season. The best time to visit is from early to mid-August.

Fukuchi Onsen Morning Market 福地温泉朝市 Attraction

Japan, 〒506-1434 岐阜県高山市 奥飛騨温泉郷福地110

Gero Onsen 下呂温泉 Attraction

Three Hot Springs of Japan The Confucian, Razan Hayashi who served Tokugawa shoguns in Edo period highly praised Gero Hot Springs for its quality. Since He wrote that the Springs of Kusatsu, Arima and Gero are the best of all Hot Springs in Japan in his poetry, Gero Hot Springs have been one of the three Hot Springs of Japan.

Hakusan National Park 白山国立公園, Hakusan Kokuritsu Kōen Attraction

〒501-5600 岐阜県大野郡白川村平瀬字大白川国有林

Hida Folk Village 飛騨民俗村, Hida Minzokumura, 飛騨の里, Hida-no-Sato Attraction

Hida Kiyomi Lavender Garden ひだ清見ラベンダー園 Attraction

高山市清見町三日町  ひだ清見ラベンダー公園高山西ICからせせらぎ街道を車で約5分

Hida Satoyama Cycling 飛騨里山サイクリング Attraction

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    Tour from 4700 yen to 9800 yen Bicycle rental: 2,500 yen/day, Child seat: 1,000 yen/day
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8-11 Nino-machi, Furukawa-cho, Hida-city, Gifu

Higashiyama Walking Course 東山遊歩道, Higashiyama Yūhodō Attraction

When you reach the top of Yasugawa Street, the peacefulness hangs in the air at the place nicknamed Higashiyama Temple Area. It is said that it began when Lord Kanamori Nagachika, who loved Kyoto, built the castle town. He constructed many temples on a slightly elevated hilly area in the eastern part of town. Not only are all of these historical temples, they are also an array of cultural assets as designated by the prefecture and the city. Higashiyama Walk is a 3.5 kilometer walking course from Higashiyama Temple Area to Shiroyama Park.

Hirayu Waterfall 平湯大滝, Hirayu Otaki Attraction

日本, 岐阜県高山市奥飛騨温泉郷平湯

This waterfall is a highlight of the area; with a drop of 64 meters, it is featured in the Japanese top 100 falls, and is amongst the top three falls in Hida. In winter, the fall’s huge icy column is illuminated with blue lights for the Hirayu Grand Waterfalls ice festival.

Sanmachi-suji 三町筋 Attraction

日本, 岐阜県高山市上三之町

Takayama Jinya-mae Morning Market 陣屋前朝市 Attraction

Takayama Miya-gawa Morning Market 宮川朝市 Attraction

From Kaji bashi Bridge to Yayoi bashi Bridge along the Miyagawa River in the center of the town.

Teddy Bear Eco Village 飛騨高山テディベアエコビレッジ Attraction

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3 Chome-829-4 Nishinoisshikimachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-0031, Japan 〒506-0031 岐阜県高山市西之一色町3-829-4

Utsue Forty-eight Waterfalls 宇津江四十八滝, Utsue shijuhattaki Attraction

日本, 岐阜県高山市国府町宇津江

Surrounded by refreshing greenery, the clear waterfalls cascade down forming a white veil. Innumerable waterfalls, large and small, make up the Forty-eight Waterfalls of Utsue, 800 to 900 meters above sea level, refreshing the minds and hearts of visitors. There is a mountain track at the site so a full tour of waterfalls can be made. At the observatory located midway, you can enjoy a splendid view of the Northern Alps