Takayama 高山市, Takayama-shi, 飛騨高山, Hida-Takayama City

Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

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Okuhida Onsen Villages 奥飛騨温泉郷 Oku-Hida Onsengō, Oku-Hida Spa Village Village

Oku-Hida Spa Village is surrounded by 3,000m high mountains. It's famous by the abundant amount of hot water springs, and the largest numbers of open air spas in Japan. New green leaves in Spring and colored leaves in Autumn are very attractive. Furthermore, there are excellent scenery of mountains, especially snow covered mountains. From north to south, the five villages are Shin-Hotaka (新穂高), Tochio (栃尾), Shin-Hirayu (新平湯), Fukuchi (福地) and Hirayu (平湯).

Hirayu Onsen 平湯温泉, Hirayu Hot Spring, Okuhida Onsengo Hirayu Village

Japan, Gifu Prefecture, Takayama 平湯温泉

Ono 大野郡, Ōno-gun District

Ono District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Shirakawa 白川村, Shirakawa-mura Village

Shirakawa, Ono District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Fukuji Hot Spring Villages 福地温泉 Town

Japan, 〒506-1434 岐阜県高山市奥飛騨温泉郷福地

Gero 下呂市 Gero-shi City

Gero, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Hanaokamachi 花岡町 District

Hanaokamachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-0009, Japan

Hida Furukawa 飛騨古川 Town

Furukawa is known as the other old, very traditional town in the Hida region in addition to Takayama. With the stone walls of temples and the great white-walled storehouses in the background, the Seto River is the main highlight of the area. The canals running off the river are home to over 1,000 brilliant carp of many colors, bringing them to life and offering a very different spectacle than Hida's other "Little Kyoto." Surrounding the river is an old castle town that is very mellow and retains both the feeling and the appearance of old Japan.

Hanakawamachi 花川町 Neighborhood

Hanakawamachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-0015, Japan