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    1,660¥ from Unazuki
    1,110¥ from Kuronagi
    480¥ from Kanetsuri
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Here in Keyakidaira, the upper terminus of the Torokko Electric Railway, you are sure to find a walk to fit you time, fitness, and energy. Choose one and explore.

Popular trips include visits to the Okukane Bridge, Sarutobikyo Gorge, Meiken Hotspring and Babadani Hotspring.

With luck and patience you might see Nihonzaru (wild Japanese monkeys) and Kamoshika (wild deer).

* Sarutobikyo Gorge (Special place of scenic beauty and special natural monument)
* Nature trail through Sarutobikyo Gorge (20 mins, 1km)
* Keyakidaira Information Centre
* Okukane Bridge
* Mt Okukane
* Hitokui-iwa ("people-eater" rock formation)
* Riverside viewing platform and footbath
* Keyakidaira Hotspring Sarutobi Lodge
* Meiken Hotspring
* Babadani Hotspring


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View from Sarutobikyo Observation Platform
View from Sarutobikyo Observation Platform