Rokuo-in Temple 鹿王院 Attraction

24 Sagakitaboricho, Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8367, Japan

Saginomori-Jinja Shrine 鷺森神社 Attraction

16 Shugakuin Miyanowakicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8061, Japan

Seiryoji Temple 清凉寺, Sagashakado, 嵯峨釈迦堂 Attraction

46 Sagashakadofujinokicho, Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8447, Japan

Tenju-an Temple 天授庵 Attraction

86-8 Nanzenji Fukuchicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8435, Japan 京都府京都市左京區南禪寺福地町86-8

Houkyō-in Temple 宝筐院, Hokyoin Attraction

9 Sagashakado Monzen Minamichuincho, Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8424, Japan

Kamogawa delta 鴨川デルタ Attraction

Japan, 〒602-0033 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Kamigyo Ward, Shimogamo Miyagawachō

Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺, Otowa-san Kiyomizu-dera, 音羽山清水寺 Attraction

1-294 清水 Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0862, Japan

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到京都旅遊的話二年坂 跟 三年坂這一帶應該算是大家都會到訪的旅遊聖地因為這邊連接了清水寺跟高台寺等所以是觀光客幾乎必到的觀光處先前Tasha還沒來之前心裡一直默默把這邊想成二年級跟三年級不過後來看了「

Mikami Shrine Attraction

10-2 Sagaogurayama Tabuchiyamacho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8394, Japan

Nishikiyu 京都銭湯, 錦湯 Attraction

535 Yaoya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City 京都市中京区堺町通錦小路下ル八百屋町535

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In side this public bath is quite tasteful too. The bathtub is very hot for the first customer. The temperature is about 43 degrees. The bath is filled right up to the brim and spills over with new bathwater every time. So the bathwater is clear every time.

Nisonin Temple 二尊院 Attraction

27 Saganisonin Monzen Chojincho, Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8425, Japan

Sagano Scenic Railway 嵯峨野観光鉄道, 嵯峨野觀光鐵道, 嵯峨野嵐山小火車, Sagano Romantic Train, Sagano Torokko Attraction

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    March 1 - December 29 Hourly from 9:00 to 16:00 (until 17:00 on busy days) Closed: Wednesday is a regular holiday. (Except for an national holiday on Wednesday) Full Operation Trams are as follows - March 15 - April 7 - April 28 - May 5 - July 21 - August 31 - October 15 - December 14
  • Price

    One-way: 600 yen (Adult), 300 yen (Child) Advance ticket purchases and inquires may be made at major JR Western Japan station ticket couters, TiS (Travel Center) offices, JR travel service offices, and major travel agencies. Tickets may also be procured at the Saga, Arashiyama, and Kameoka tram stations.
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Sagano Train is made up of 5 coaches. The first 4 coaches are with window, fully opened at both sides for the coach 5 – which they called as “The Legendary Coach”. It is the most popular coach, as you can have the best view in this coach with no blocking from windows. But you can only buy them on the departure day itself. No advance ticket can be bought. We reached Komeoka Torokko station before 8AM, waited for the ticket office to open and exchange our “Car No. 2” ticket with the “Car No. 5”. No extra charges imposed.

Saimyoji 西明寺 Attraction

1 Umegahata Makinoocho, Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8291, Japan

Animate Kyoto アニメイト京都 Attraction

Second Floor, Yoshimoto Building, Passaggio 525-1 Shinkyogoku Takoyakushi Sagaru Higashigawa-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 京都府京都市中京区新京極蛸薬師下ル東側町525-1 パッサージオ(吉本ビル)2F

Animate Kyoto is your source for the best in anime, manga and games. The Kyoto location has the fifth largest store area of all the Animate locations! Come to their Kyoto shop and check out all the merchandise!

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Fushimi Inari-taisha 伏見稲荷大社 Attraction

日本, 京都府京都市伏見区深草藪之内町68

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每次總看著別人照片上那壯觀的「千本鳥居」,今年終於也有這個機會親自來走過這神聖又迷人的地方。 伏見稻荷大社主要是祀奉以宇迦之御魂大神為首的諸位稻荷神,自古以來就是農

Kyoto Railway Museum 京都鉄道博物館, 梅小路蒸気機関車館 Attraction

Kankijicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8835, Japan 京都市下京区観喜寺町

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Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) 金閣寺, 鹿苑寺, Rokuon-ji Attraction

1 Kinkakujicho, KyotoKita Ward, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

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Comic Toranoana Kyoto Store コミックとらのあな 京都店 Attraction

Cool Kyoto Walking Tour Attraction

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    Every Saturday: 10am-3pm
  • Price

    Tour Price: 3000yen a person but, a minum of 5 guests for operation. 15000yen guarantees operation, if less than 5 guests.(Saturdays) Weekdays: 30,000yen (one to 10 guests) if Joe Okada is available.
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Meet at Kyoto City Hall Square 京都市役所前広場 Subway Tozai Line @ Kyoto Shiyakusho-Mae station; station number T12

Kyoto was the second capital of Japan from 794-1868 with 72 Emperors and 3 Shoguns legacy. There are so many hidden and interesting items in this town. Samurai guide, Joe Okada will introduce them on this tour. As an experienced tour guide, Joe Okada knows Kyoto inside out. He personally escorts you for 4 km, walking in 5 hours. 1. Meet the Last Samurai 2. Most enjoyable walk (4 km) 3. Face to Face market 4. 10 kinds of sample food 5. Stop at 10 specialists

Deepest Kyoto Tour Attraction

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    Wednesday, 1-3pm 1st Wednesday: Indulge in Gion atmosphere with Gion specialist 3rd Wednesday: Delve into Machiya with half-a-century careered machiya carpenter 2nd, 4th Wednesday: Walk with 8th generation Kiyomizu pottery shop owner Please make a reservation 7 days prior to the participation date.
  • Price

    from 5000 yen per person
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Meeting Point: Kiyomizu-gojo station(Keihan Line) exit no.4

A community-based walking tour deep into the living quarter of Kyoto. Indulge yourselves in a walking excursion with REAL local Kyoto residents and government-certified bilingual tour guides! Explore a hidden side of Kyoto that, for most, remains shrouded behind the mist of history and legends.You are invited to take part in a tour of this mysterious and historical side of Kyoto.

Foot bath at Arashiyama Station Attraction

Recently, the foot bath at Keifuku Railway's Arashiyama Station has been regarded as a popular tourist spot. Arashiyama locals and tourists alike use it to relieve their aching feet. It costs 150 yen per person and includes a towel. Warming everything from your ankles down, a ten minute dip in the bath is said to give the best results. It is particularly effective at treating nerve pain, digestive problems, and general fatigue.

Gion Shirakawa 祇園白川 Attraction

Japan, 巽町 605-0085 京都府京都市東山区の白川南通沿い(川端通橋の間

HARU Cooking Class Attraction

606-0802 Kyoto-shi Sakyoku Shimogamo Miyazaki-cho 166-32, Japan 〒606-0802 京都市左京区下鴨宮崎町166-32 Take the city bus number 205(its a loop line) and please get off at "Shin Aoibashi" stop. You may purchase "one day bus pass" at the JR Kyoto station(or on the bus) for 500 yen, which I highly recommend.

I worked two years as a cook, then, 5 years in minshuku(guesthouse) manager. In Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-, you will be cooking Japanese home dishes. They may not be fancy, but these basic dishes are what we normally eat at home. Let's learn to cook and dine Japan's meal! In the class, you will learn what makes Japanese food healthy. You will learn the secrets of "why are Japanese people relatively healthy and fit?" *In home cooking, we do not use much oil. The famous deep fried Japanese dishes like tempura and tonkatsu are only eaten rarely, by most of us. My family eat them, once a month or less. You will be cooking in my house in Kyoto. I am happy to share all my knowlege, not only about food, but about Japanese life and Japanese people. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. I want my guests to feel close to Japan as much as possible. If you have not yet decided what to do in Kyoto, please come visit! Lastly, please do not hesitate to join the class if you are a beginner cook. "I just wanted to enter a Japanese home" "I just wanted to eat Kobe beef" "I just wanted to eat good vegetarian food" "I just wanted to meet Haruko" Any reason is ok. As long as it leads you to the new experience of Japanese cooking! I look forward to seeing you in Kyoto! Taro Saeki

Higashiyama Jisho-ji Ginkaku-ji, Silver Pavilion, 銀閣寺 Attraction

2 Ginkakujicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8402, Japan 〒606-8402 京都市左京区銀閣寺町2

Hozugawa River Boat Ride 保津川下り, Hozugawa-kudari Attraction

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  • Open Hour

    March 10 to November 30: 9:00/10:00/11:00/12:00/13:00/14:00/15:30 The middle of December 1 to March 9: 10:00/11:30/13:00/14:30 Closed: Dec. 29 to Jan. 4
  • Price

    3,900 yen/ adult, 2,500 yen / child (ages 4-12)
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The Hozugawa-kudari is the best rive boat ride in Japan. Once on the boat, you will enjoy a 16km (2 hours) journey from Tanba-Kameoka to Arashiyama in Kyoto. Experience the exciting rapids and mysterious deep pools through the ravine in the beautiful seasonal scenery.

Hyakumanben Handmade Goods Market 百万遍さんの手づくり市, Hyakumanben-san no tedukuriichi Attraction

In the garden of Chionji Temple 103 Monzen-cho Tanaka Sakyo-ku Kyoto City

his is a flea market which is held in the garden of Chionji Temple on the 15th every month. It began as a place where ordinary people show what they made. Things other than hand-made works are not to be sold, which holds the line against other flea markets. There are about 450 stalls on the market at present.

Kamogawa Noryo Yuka 京都鴨川納涼床 Attraction

The west bank of the Kamo River (between Nijo-ohashi and Gojo-ohashi) Access: (To Shijo -ohashi) a 3-minute walk from Keihan Main Line Gion-Shijo Station and Hankyu Kyoto Line Kawara Machi Station.

'Kamogawa Noryo Yuka' is a riverside terrace that connects around 100 restaurants to serve their guests. It is one of Kyoto's signature summer events and will be put up from May 1st to September 30th on the west bank of the Kamo River that runs through central Kyoto. The customary terrace, created by the wisdom and innovative ideas of people in Kyoto, keeps off the summer heat and helps patrons enjoy a meal in the cool breeze that comes across the river. It is said that Yuka will make people in Kyoto feel the arrival of summer. The tradition goes back to the late 1500s. The riverside was very popular with show tents and street vendors, so rich merchants consequently started giving banquets there. In the Edo period (1603-1867), Yuka flourished and became even more popular. Apart from the typical country dishes (Kyo Ryori), recently restaurants including Chinese, Yakiniku (Grilled meat), and Italian as well as Cafes and Bars are also being built on Yuka and guests can order their favorite dishes throughout the terrace. Normally these restaurants will serve mainly at dinnertime but in May and September they will also be open in the daytime. You are always welcome at Yuka by the Kamo River. It has inherited the big-hearted and sophisticated townsfolk culture of the Edo period .

Kashiwayacho Attraction

Kashiwayacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Kibune - Kurama Hike 貴船 - 鞍馬 Attraction

Half-Day Course: Kyoto Station -> Demachi Yanagi Station -> Kurama Station -> Kurama-dera Temple Sanmon Gate -> Yuki-jinja Shrine -> Kurama-dera Temple -> Ki0no-ne-michi -> Kibune-jinja Shrine -> Kibuneguchi Station -> Demachi Yanagi Station -> Kyoto Station

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project (KCTP) 京都サイクリングツアープロジェクト Attraction

日本, 京都府京都市 下京区油小路通塩小路下る東油小路町552−13 52-13 Higashi-Aburanokoji-cho Aburanokoji-dori Shiokoji sagaru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto, Japan 600-8235. Access Stations: Kyoto Station CT, Kinkakuji (Hotel chrysantheme) CT, Kinkakuji (Hotel chrysantheme) CT, Fushimi (Urban Hotel) CT, Nijo castle CT