Muslim Street 回民街 Attraction


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  • 2017-06-10 06:52:54+00:00
回民街 is a good street with mostly Muslim food. The place is pretty crowded and the food is quite good with many variety. 回民街就是街边美食,还不错。10元的羊肉串不错,肉夹馍也好。


Xi'an City Wall 西安城墙 Attraction

Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

  • 2017-07-12 16:18:02+00:00
Xi'an Ancient City Wall is is considered a landmark dividing Xi'an into the inner part and the outer part, boasting one of the earliest walls ever existed in China.
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  • 2017-06-11 03:06:38+00:00
Xi'an City Gate, a magnificent city get and you get a nice view of the city. You could walk or cycle 2km to the next gate, where there are four of them around the city. 本来打算去书院门逛逛,看到西安城门(南门永宁门)被吸引住了。城门蛮壮观,城墙也宽阔,还可在城墙上骑自行车。

ShuYuanMen 书院门 Attraction

Shuyuanmen Pedestrian St, Beilin, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

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  • 2017-06-11 04:12:27+00:00
A shopping street, didn't have enough time to walk through it. 路过,没进去。
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